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Monday, September 18, 2017

Down and out in Dakkistan with Force on Force

Somewhere in Dakkistan
Dakkistan patrol reports movement ahead
After finishing painting some UAR and IDF units for force on force. Two dice volunteered to do a test run of a game. Fortunately he was already had interested in the system and had some USMC already to roll.  So a UAR platoon moved to my imagination country of Dakkaistan, a geographical ambiguous country with terrain various parts of the world post world war 2.
Marines open fire

We opted to try the introduction game from the force on force website. The theme being both side being eager to recover a downed pilot from the centre of the battlefield. For me one of the interesting things about force on force is the interaction with casualties. In say 40K or Bolt Action casualties  effects are underrated since casualties means figures removed while the units soldiers on with reduced effect. In Force on Force casualties general means man down and the unit is forced to react as it tries to save their injured comrade.  In this game the pilot would start as a casualties and both side in effect would be trying to recover a wound man.
On the other flank also makes contact 
The USMC force consisted of a Marine rifle section (ie leader plus three fireteams of four marines).  The Dakkaistans were less organised with four section between six to eight men strong. So the scene was set for a quality Vs quantity showdown.  THe marines deployed one fire team on each flank with the section leader joining the centre team. The Dakkaistans deploy a small section one each flank and two large section in the centre. Both sides seem to have the same plan ie   deployed in the ie secure the flanks and push through the centre.

Marines engage the enemy
Deployment was probably the highlight of the marines game as the initial clashes saw poorly trained Dakkaistans waltz around in the open and marines fire raining down around them while their return fire gradually picked off armoured marines in light cover. The centre fire team got the worst of it and despite the presence of the section leader the team was soon reduced all men injured or dead.
Marine flank force gets bogged down in a fire fight

With the centre reduced the Dakkaistans made a break for the pilot. The recover team squad suffered heavy casualties from the flanking Marine fire teams but in the end it seemed a matter of time before the dakkaistans could drag the pilot to “safety”. Frustrated with the casualties and lack of progress the Marine leader broke contact and retreated with his wounded
Dakkisatan recover team reaches the pilot
The game ended a bit flat. I am not sure if this was due to the rules, players awareness of the rules and the terrain & setting. It was a little disappointing but I think I will give it another again at some point maybe with more terrain slightly biggers forces and with a stronger theme
Dakkisatan reinformcents arrive
Dakkisatans keep pressure on the marine flank move forward under cover
End game the Dakkisatan have secured the pilot but are pinned in the building.
Reinforcement are on the way while the marines have five men or thirteen men down

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