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Thursday, September 28, 2017

Going west with 4ground terrain and Leipzig hobby expo

Vile Villians
Tabletop Dresden club are going West to the Leipzig hobby expo.  It is club's first time doing at demo at the Leipzig gaming exposition and I will not be there:( not to be left out I volunteered to make some terrain for the event. The clubs theme was the wild west using the Dead mans hand rules. When I volunteered a couple of weeks ago I had mighty plans for imporving the 4Ground buildings. But life intervened and the kits stayed in their packages until 48hrs before the event will collection due in 24hrs ;o  In the end the only improvement I got to make was to print out some wanted posters for vile villains in the area

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Frank O'Donnell said...

I seen those kits before & really like them & hope to at some point do something in the West myself, pity you have to miss out mate.

Dakeryus said...

No major loss. It seems I have never spent an October weekend in Saxony in the last six years :)

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