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Monday, November 28, 2016

The SAGA of the war of the wolf and scouting out the Scots

Welsh cavalry patrol spot Scottish raiders
Previously on the the war of the wolf the Welsh warband lead by Rwy'n Hoffi Defaid had raided the Scots led by Keir McDougal. Rwy’n bested Keir in combat but the Scots managed to force passage across the boundary river and claim victory.

In parallel to the battle of the bridge another Scottish warband led Wulfen McLaglen began to raid the Welsh lands.  Rwy’n led his band to do battle again.

The Scots consisted of one unit of eight hearthguard, two units of warriors, (one of twelve and one of four). The Welsh warband consisted of one unit of three Hearthguard, three units of warriors (two of nine warriors and one of eight mounted warriors).

While out scouting the mounted warriors found the main band of scottish warriors.  They immediately began harassing them while both sides rushed reinforcements bands to the fight.

The Scots were reinforced with their hearthguard, while Rwy’n and his hearthguard appeared to support the Welsh. Rather than suffer a hail of javelins without being able to respond the Scots hearthguard and warriors pushed forward leaving their warlord and a small band of warriors behind.

Slightly perturbed by twenty angry Scotsmen advancing forward, Rwy’n and his hearthguard charged the Scots hearthguard. In the ensuing melee six Scottish Hearthguard and all the Welsh hearthguard were casualties.  The Scottish warriors clashed with the Welsh cavalry reducing them to half strength.
Rwy'n leads his warriors against the scots
The Welsh were reinforced with two warrior bands. The depleted Scottish hearthguard fell back behind their warriors.  But this left the warriors outnumbered facing the Welsh. After a hail of javelins thinned the Scottish ranks. Then Rwy’n led one of his warriors bands into combat reducing the Scot to three warriors with no losses for the Welsh.  With most of the Scots injured or dying their warband broke and fled for the hills

The battle cost the Welsh one hearthguard and one mounted warrior dead. The Scots lost two hearthguard and three warriors.
The Welsh force back the raiders
The Welsh claimed one wealth in plunder from the defeated Scots.  A new hearthguard joined the warband from the kingdom and lured by Rwy’n fame two more hearthguard joined the band.  

With the campaign round ending things look good for Rwy’n. He has a high reputation and enough wealth to field four warrior bands if he ever needs to raise more warriors. But his dreams of rebuilding his family's kingdom is far away due to lack of land for his people.

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