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Thursday, November 24, 2016

The SAGA of the Mead run

Advance of the Gaels
The Tabletopsaxony crew is also running a SAGA organized play series alongside the ongoing age of the wolf campaign.  The organised play event is sponsored by stronghold terrain  The idea being to promote collecting, painting and playing SAGA. Once a month a new scenario is published and players get points for playing it plus points for painting new models, etc.
Gaels seize a mead barrel and start to withdraw
I missed the first month but got a chance to play the second scenario aka the mead run.  The idea is there is six objectives scattered within two to six inches from the table line each objective is worth d3 points who gets the most points wins.

I opted to play Norse Gaels, consisting of a Warlord, two units of four hearthguard (one with dane axes the other with javelins), two units of twelve warriors (one with dane axes the other with javelins) and one unit of twelve levy with javelins. Sasha opted for Scots, this time fielding a priest warlord, backed up be two units of hearthguard one of four one of eight, two units of warriors one of four one of twelve and twelve bow armed levy.  (I was curious about the priest warlord I do not know his rules).

levy seize a mead barrel while Gaels with Dane axes cover their retreat 
The deployment saw the objective tokens evenly distributed around the entre line.  The Gaels one flank and the centre with the scots more loaded in the centre.  Turn one saw an aggressive Gaels advance gaining fatigue to get into position and seize two of the six objectives.  The Scots reply was more conservative with the levy recently moving into bow range to pepper the Gales warriors armed with dane axes while the small unit of hearthguard seize an objective.

Next turn the Gaels swung left and continued to push towards objectives.  Their javelin armed hearthguard move to engage the small unit of Scots hearthguard with missile but had no effect.  In response the Scots hearthguard killed three (3!!) of the Gaels hearthguard with missile fire and over ran the last in combat before slowly pulling back.  
Scottish Hearthguard  finally start to commit
The Gaels ignored the lose and seized two more objectives. Belated the Scots centre started to move and acquired the last objective.  With the Gales holding four objectives to the Scots two, the game ended. The Gales were too fatigue to fight while the Scots were too far away to engage.

After the battle we determined the value of the objectives and the Gaels rolled three duds and one victory points compared to the Scots who got three victory points to give them the win.  The Gales plan was solid but game was only okay since neither side got to really engage with the bulk of their army.
Three of the Gaels Barrels end up being empty
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