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Monday, December 5, 2016

(PiP) French redcoats and other foreign friends

Dillion regiment

Another brigade rolls of the painting queue.

This time the theme is foreigners in french service.  There is two infantry regiments two cavalry regiments and an artillery unit.  Three of which come from Lauzun legion, aka the Original French Foreign Legion. One regiment of fusiliers who have stolen the flags from the Royal Scottish regiment (I could not find a record of what flags Lauzun legion should have. two troops of cavalry one of huzzars and one of lancers.  Backing them up is the Dillion regiment of foot (Irish Dispora) and some french artillery.

Painting wise there is nothing new. But I am trying a bit more Photoshop mostly to airbrush out the bases.
Lauzun's Legion fusilers

French artillery

Lauzun's Legion Lancers

Lauzun's LegionHuzzars
 That is all for now thanks for stopping by.


Frank O'Donnell said...

They look good mate, as for airbrushing & the like's it just makes me wish I was able to us a computer better then I'm.

Dakeryus said...

It depends on how much time/money you want to invest in it. You can spend a fair bit of time playing around with free photo editing softwareon line until you find something you feels fits what you are trying to do.

It is a bit of a paradox to spend time basing the mini's and then airbrush it out in the photos :)

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