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Monday, January 12, 2015

1st blog post of 2015

2014 has come and gone. And it is probable good time to think about some objectives for 2015. Which I can safely ignore for the next twelve months. so at this stage what would i like to do?

The Welsh are a Saga'ing again. This time we played Sacred ground (aka capture the hill). Fixing the Welsh to a point of the battlefeild made for a more interesting gaming limiting, a little, some of their dirtier tricks
On the FoW front I would like to raise one or two early war lists. Africa Korps are likely, I am just waiting for Forged in Battle to get in gear with filling out their range.  Heresh Brush already post some pictures from their second wave with more german artillery and some British artillery but i need some regular leg infantry, or motorised infantry battalion in the case the korps. One platoon I hope to transfer into a Chain of Command list with any vehicles doing double duty in FOW and Chain of Command. After, that i would like to look into some colonial French. Again, these guys can be dual purpose being either pro axis, Vichy French, or pro allies, free French.  Also another late war book is on the way and I am tempted by some Kreigmarine.  Plus I need to fill out my winter table with some terrain.

Even so the Welsh powered their way up the hill
The American Civil project is still on going and proving a little harder than I thought. It is the first time in a long time I do not have a once stop shop for everything. This is causing a bit of decision paralyse. What way should the guys be based? What type of uniforms are required? Etc.  The union brigade is going to be based on the Irish brigade but the confederate are proving more elusive.

The Scots commited their warlordto the fray but there was just to many welsh at the end of the day
For 2015 I think I will bit dipping my top more in broadgames.  Last year Red Winter was great fun. I think I got in several games before my regular opponent had to drop out leaving me thirsting for more. I have a carving to play to whole battle over a couple of sessions in a campaign style.
Close behind was a nice co-operative game called pandemic, proving I can co-operate with others even if they do not fully seem to appreciate my tactical and strategy skills. Pandemic sees the players playing against the game trying to prevent a plague outbreak which could wipe-out humanity. The random nature of the outbreaks makes the game re-playable but so far we have only won one of the games before being wiped out. So we may not be the best choice for saving the world from a viral outbreak. Over the Christmas zomicide and haunted house on the hill has joined the stable. zomicide is a game I really want to enjoy. I even picked up  model two years before getting the game. I got to try it at adepticon and liked it, even though I seemed go spend most of the game as little girl on rollerskates armed with a frying pan running away from zombies. The second game was with the DGGers. Naturally being experienced gamers we took our first casualty in about ten minutes due to over optimistic confidence in the firepower of twin uzi's. Which it turns out we were not supposed to have anyway. Games three and four were a bit more efficient with just two players craving their way across the broad. 

40k is still ticking along even though I am feeling increasingly distance from the game. Partly I think due to GW trying squeezing revenue out of the system and starving players of inspiration. Personally, I really would like them to bombard the market with reasons to use their product. That said i am having fun running with the Imperial Guard.  200+ infantry backed-up several vehicles seems to capture the mythos of the Guard nicely. I might pad out the Guard with some more Victoria Miniatures Iron guard to go for a thin blue line feel which would look pretty cinematic.

I would also like to get in some more X-wing but the hassle with the counters and the markers is beginning to wear thin.  I seem to spent more time set-upping up and breaking the game than actually playing it. But that said playing X-wing is great.

Then there is Bolt action, chain of command, etc 2015 is shaping up to be a busy year
X-wing clutter (while playing away I need to take photo of all my markers to make sure I leave with what I arrived with plus it takes me a couple of muntesjust to get to this stage.

A rebel flight during a prey stalker mission

On their five o clock are the Imperial stalkers ( the rebels have more points but are on a wrong heading plus the Imperials objective is slightly easier to achieve, making for a tense game)

The game condenses down to one quadrant of the board with everybody in the furball

Pretty slick flying (forus) see several near misses before the firespray runs out of room and flies off the table. focing the imperials to concede
The pictures are from my first two games of the new year in Dresden.  That is all for now. Thanks for stopping by

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Frank O'Donnell said...

Good to see you back at the blogging mate as its the only way I can keep up with what your at these days,

The hobby end of things can really pull you all over the place & get you up to all sort of stuff, I'd just like to point out when you where back with us DGGer's playing zombicide we could fully understand your strategy skills in a co-operative game but I guess not doing what you wanted us to do was the real key to winning the game lol

Happy Newyear mate.

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