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Monday, January 19, 2015

WIP (FOW): Pigment Power

Flak attack

I have been playing around with weathering pigment lately. I like the effect you can get from them but I have yet to understand how to make them work for me. Case in point is the two recently painted Jagdtigers. Both sporting AK interactive German late war colors. I have added Mig weathering powder to both. With one, the powder was added mixed with fixer. I think it does not quiet get the effect I was going for. but because it has fixer in it ain't going anywhere fast and should be suitable for table top gaming. The second Jagdtiger just has pigment painted on without fixer. For me the effect is better but there is a concern if the Pigment is not fixed will it fall off over time? I am not sure it could happen but it would be nice before weathering a kompanie of Jagdtigers.

Jagdtiger A

Jagd Tiger B
Up close look at contender A ( I am not keen on how the pigment has set around the wheels)

Up close look at contender B (nice even distribution of the pigment)
The Flak wagons are also getting the pigment treatment

Dakka dakka
Jagd tigers on the prowl

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