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Monday, December 29, 2014

Downsizing for 2015

The little metal men are getting a little bit smaller for 2015
A New year, A new challenge. Low model count games seem to be in fashion these days around my way. Infinity, Saga, etc. They are solid games and I get a lot of fun out of them but I feel am I missing a sense of epic and of the grand scale.

Looking around to see what is on the market I opted to buy into Longstreet. Set in the American Civil War, the rules are geared to Brigade level action. To put it in context one stand in Longstreet equal roughly an entire FOW force and a typically Brigade will have around 40 stands starting off. The rules generally get some good reviews. The only negative comment I saw was they were a bit pricey at 30 euro but seemed to be it. On the otherside the rules are simple and effective with a good few positives. Troop quality swings from brave but not particular skilled new recruits to skilled but not necessarily the bravest veterans.  Random card event let players feel the effects of the bigger picture events depending on when in the Civil War the game is played. Early war favours the Confederacy while later war swings in favor of the Union. To top it all of the rules include a rather clever sets of campaign mechanics which allow your brigade to change from game to game as regiments suffer damage, develop new skills or as regiments are disband or new regiments brought in.

In keeping with the Grand scale of things I have started to collect some 10mm figures. At 10mm the figure are small enough to have mass appeal but big enough to still have some personality. The current plan is to raise one Union and one Confederate brigade and see how things go. For the Union the Irish Brigade is currently being mustered. For Confederates it is undecided yet. It depends on what the research pulls up, Currently the Louisiana Tigers (New Orleans based, french speaking cajuns of dubious morals) are the favorite to be called up.
Charge (45 cavalry figures is  about one and a half regiments for my basing in Longstreet
63rd NewYork Regiment
14 gun salute
(five types of artillery make for an interesting choice for the Brigade rooster
One of three union regiment required for a long street compaign
These guys are a in the ### to paint at the moment
6mm Baccus ACW from the Irish wild geese club
Waaay too small:)

That is all for now thanks for stopping by


Frank O Donnell said...

What side table do you use for this Mate ? as it looks to have a nice big feel to it.

Dakeryus said...

Good question Franco. I do not know yet :) The table size is based on the unit base size so if a unit base is say 3x3 cm then the table size is 3cm x 10. Since I have not figured what size bases I am using the table size is not yet set. On the bright side I can work back words and say if I was to use a 6'x4' table then units baes need to be xx size.

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