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Monday, December 22, 2014

WIP (FOW): Americans in a winter wonderland

Rifle and Engineering Companies on Parade on their new winter mat
Earlier this year Airfixprime did a post on W-ired about DIY gaming mats using images on printed banners. I mentally filed the post under "oh that is clever" and put it on the back burn. Until recently.  My winter theme American engineers are getting reinforcements in the form of a winter themed rifle company and some supporting platoons. I already had some Volksgrenadiers on ice and some frozen fallschrimjaeger it seemed like a good idea to start think about a winter themed table and terrain. The wargames vault supplied the image and pixartprint did the canvas. Four days later I have a new winter themed wargames mat.  Now I just to make some terrain for it ;)

Below are some pictures for the american forces. Still missing is a Armored rifle platoon which is in progress.

AT platoon lining up
No1 gun
No2 gun
No4 gun
2 companies side by side
Able company 291st combat engineers battalion
(The two freebie rifle teams can replace the HMG teams if needed, in practive only has only happened when facing a tank heavy force) 
Unknown short rifle company
AA and AT assets
weapons platoon and bazooka teams
1st platoon
2nd platoon
That is all for now thanks for stopping by.

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