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Monday, September 15, 2014

PIP (FOW): Deuce and half trucks for the Combat engieers

Deuce and half trucks roll through a village somewhere in France.

I seem to be painting like crazy these days.  Probably something to do with signing up five events in the next few months. On the FOW I am rushing to get a 7th armored force ready for an event on the 20th then they get a pause before shipping over to States to take part in a Tankgivingfest.  While on the 40k front Punisher and Wyverns conversions are in progress for an event on the 21st with a brief pause before shipping to Prague for a battle in the Ogre's Den.

Before things got fast I painted up some trucks for my US combat engineers.  Painting wise the only new things was a dry brush of Vallejo Iraqi sand and a US Khaki for the vehicle canvas. I really like the effect some much so that pretty all the vehicles baggage is getting the treatment.

Gamewise, they are suppose to be there to give my engineers some mobility. But since they have 50 cal machine guns I think they may end up being used a bit more aggressively.

The trucks come from forged in battle and are really nice to paint.

Some 7th armored tanks on the prowl

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