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Monday, September 29, 2014

40K in Leipzig

IG getting ready to face off aganist Necrons
Things are a bit busy these days. I am either in Leipzig, Prague, Dublin or Berlin on any given Saturday. Partly sight seeing, mostly gaming :)
Below are some pics from a 40k event I attended in leipzig. at 1500 points opted for Guard 100+ of little blighters. Games wise they went 0-20, 20-0, 8-12 I was hoping to get into the top quarter and was slightly of target. I am not to upset I like the way one day events really focus on getting as many perfect scores as possible compared to a two day event were you might be able to recover a bad game over time.

Immortals Vs conscipts
Guard advance to 20-0 the Necrons

else where Tyranids were on the prowl
And found Orks

Arnie's Tau (who 0-20 me) claim another victim. And go on to win the event
hmm seeing Dark elder re-kindle my interest in the kabal's again

Work in progress scout transport
Dreadnought Vs landraider

Somebodies last stand by the looks of it.

Got to love ork conversions

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