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Monday, September 1, 2014

FoW ETC experiance

Team Ireland at the FOW ETC

This year I got to play FOW at the ETC Ireland. The team needed a Russian tank list and I picked up on the Matilda challenge. Most of the preparation time was spent trying to track down some AA halftracks to give the list some air cover. Gameswise I got about two practice game in for the ETC. I would have liked a lot more but time conspired against me. The list was designed to attack defending infantry which naturally meant it ended up defending against tank lists.  The list went four wins and two loses with the highlight being bagging a jagdtiger and over running a german panzer kampfgruppe. All the games were good fun.

Overall I would recommeneded trying to get to the ETC if you like playing FOW. I would like them to change some of the FOW aspects though :)

-No blue on blue.
The ETC is a team event it would have been nice to leverage that so there was no axis vs axis or allies vs allies match. I am not very keen on blue on blue games in general.
-Use VPs to determine round wins
The current system give won game point for winning the game but does not see if the win is a 6:1 or a 4:3 ie the difference between a big win and minor win. I think an summed victory points would be better. If a team can get say six more victory points than their opponents they win the round.  Giving up victory points or conversing your force is an important part of the FOW mechanics unfortunatly the ETC does not capture that. Hopifully it will change in time. 
-limit auto lists
Auto defend/attacks is a minor gripe I have with FOW in general. I would much rather there was a something like a strategy rating to determine attacker and defender. It would bring a bit more uncertainty into the game and drive more balanced lists.
-limit the number of lists from a given nation.
Like most systems some lists are better than others. For FOW US lists are I think the strongest options. It would be nice to limit teams to taking more nations it would bring more variety to the table and mix it up a bit more.

below are so of the pictures of the event.

That is all for now thanks for stopping by.

Matilda's defending against Canada's auto attack tankovy

Russian heavy mortars in transports (its is a pretty rare sight in a Fow game to see artillery limbered on the move

Last stand of the  Matilda s (4:3 loss)

Poland's impressive team display board (I am a big fan of themed display boards)

Canada's Volksgrenadiers

Canada's Volksgrenadiers

40kers in action

Russian stuarts in action aganist HG scwhere recon. Arguable one of the most intersting list n FOW. ( but not the most effect with a 6:1 win for the russains) 

team northern ireland Russian tanks on the move

line of sight query. can you see the Stug?

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Paul Waechter said...

Some great looking armies there, and well done on the results. Surprising that individual game VP's weren't taken into account, as you say it's a big part of the game. It's always good to see a wide variety of armies of display too. I guess you just have to lead by example!

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