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Thursday, July 11, 2013

WIP (FOW): Forged in Battle's Lloyd carriers

Loyd TT towing a 6 Pdr anti-tank gun, outside 's-Hertogenbosch1944

Lloyd carriers are prime movers for WW2 commonwealth infantry support weapons. They are not a unit ever likely to see action in a regular game of Flames of War (FOW). However, I think FOW works best in a grand manner on a 6'x6' or 8'x6' table. Then the carriers get interesting especial when the attacking force start to move outside of it artillery umbrella and the guns have to do weird things like redeploy in a hurry.

FiB carrier

I picked up four carriers from Forged in Battle (FiB). FiB probable has the best range of ready to roll 15mm ww2 vehicles on the market at the moment. To spice up the platoon I decided to customize some of the vehicles to add more variety to the platoon. I opted to and tarpaulins and frames to some of the vehicles.

The Frames
The frames were made by drilling small pilots holes along the side of the carrier at regular intervals. Florist wire, slightly smaller than the hole, was then cut to length and bent into shape to form the frame. Once happy the overall shape and outline the frames were glued in place using super glue.

Frames being fitted

The Tarpaulins
The tarpaulins were made with green stuff. The green stuff was rolled into very thin sheets and a very rough layer was added over the frame. Once the rough layer had dried an finer layer of green stuff was on top if it and was textured to give the impression of a canvas cover.

Rough green stuff layer going on. 
( it does not have to be pretty just act as support for the other layer)

Completed carrier ( unfortunatly I forgot to take a picutre after the second layer was added) 

Carrier without frame or canvas

Llyod carrier with 6 pdr gun (both at FiB)

Family shot

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