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Thursday, July 4, 2013

PIP (FOW): Allied halftracks

PSC half tracks on the move

Recently the Plastic Soldier Company (PSC) recently 15mm allied half tracks in two flavours, one for the British and one for the Americans. I picked up the British one, for now it it will acts as a British motor platoon but later in the year (once the decals arrive) it will be transferred to the 1st Polish Armored Division.

Interestingly, I now have half tracks from three different manufactures in 15mm. Battlefront, Forged in Battle  (FiB) and now PSC. My personnel preference is Forged in battle is best in class, lots of details and pretty quick to assemble. PSC is second, its plastic (lots of conversion potential and cheap. And Battlefront is third, it is a good kit but the others just seem to offer a bit more.

Battlefront (left), PSC (centre), FiB (right)

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