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Monday, June 5, 2017

Painting a tirailleurs platoon and some odds and ends for The Men Who Would Be Kings

Tirailleurs platoon rolling of the painting table
Life is getting in the way oif blogging again. That said I managed to finish off a tirailleurs platoon and some odds and ends for The Men Who Would Be Kings.  The figures are all from Bluemoon miniatures.
tirailleurs firing line
Another tirailleurs firing line 
tirailleurs advancing
tirailleurs offciers and NCOs
Color parties,
One will get french colours and the other will get Moroccan colours so the platoon can go rogue if needed
Advancing sections
Firing lines

Tuareg Camelery(?) on the way

legion casualties.
These will either bulk the legion units or acts as shock markers

Legion machine gun teams waiting for their guns to show up

Legion Artillery minus their gun

Basing conundrum green flock Vs sandy flock.
Green has a strong contrast but it maybe to strong a contrast for the table 

A closer look at the Basing conundrum
That is all for now thanks for stopping by

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