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Thursday, June 8, 2017

Bolt Action desert dust-up

A tranquil desert scene

Some belated photos from my first game of Bolt Action two against Ronald.  For a twist I took my Chain of Command(CoC) Desert British while Ronald to move his late war fallshcrimjaeger to mid war desert. Interestingly for me was the need bulk up my CoC, to make up the points pretty much anything with paint was used.

Game wise the game was great. BA2 is better than the previous iteration not a major change but better.  The Officers and the MGs feel a little better. I do not think it is in the same league as CoC but they different mindset BA2 is very strong on list building while CoC is more narrative driven.  

View from the British sniper team

British and fallshcrimjaegers to filter forward

Armour exchanges fire

The fallshcrimjaeger assualt is supported by a Stug

British fire wrecks a kubelwagon

Both sides are fully commited

fallshcrimjaeger overrun an British section

British  Armored car decimated the fallshcrimjaeger infantry

The Armored get gets into the fallshcrimjaeger rear lines and does in a Mortar team

The Stug is committed to chase down the Armoured car

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