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Thursday, March 23, 2017

Digging into the desert for Chain of Command and TMWWBK

Desert terrain family shot
I am relatively quickly building up some desert terrain to use for Chain of Command (CoC) or The Men Who Be Kings. The idea being to cover about 50% of a 6'x4' with generic terrain then 25% of the table with themed pieces, 28mm WW2 for CoC and 18mm 19th century for TMWWBK.

So far I have made half dozen hills and about the same in scatter bases.  The biggest challenge, which is still open, is colour matching the terrain. I am trying to colour match to Vallejo desert yellow since it is the colour I used for painting my bases.  The first attempt seen on the hills is a little to yellow for my taste. It is acrylic paint  from the local DIY store. Annoyingly in Germany they do not stock test pots for paint so I have to get buckets of paint.  The second attempt was on the scatter bases this time with a little brown mixed in. This time it is a little too pale. Once I get the colour sorted the mat will a lick of paint and if that does not hid the canvas texture then it will get another with some chalking.

Otherwise. I think the hills look pretty good. They are 3cm insulating foam that went a few minutes with a wire brush.  The scatter bases are also not bad they are my first test using PVC bases in Germany. In a past life I used them a lot in Ireland for terrain bases but during the move I forgot about them. After watching a the terrain tutor I decide to re-discover them.  The lichen comes from woodland scenics 


That is all for now thanks for stopping by


Frank O'Donnell said...

Then look good mate, I really like the effect the wirebrush had on the hills very natural looking.

Dakeryus said...

I think they look the part.

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