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Monday, February 13, 2017

(PiP) A small update for Blucher

Recently I continued my love/hate relationship with painting in 6mm. I hate the effort it seems to take to get 6mm army ready but I love the visual effect on the table. For Blucher my war of independence (peninsula war for non Spanish) Spanish army is still a work in progress. It is more or less set at 4 brigades of which only three ever show up for a battle.  The fourth brigade the guard brigade. It is intended to act as a reserve during a battle. It consists of the cream of the Spanish army which equates to debatably adequate to most other armies of the time.

I managed to paint up the first half of the brigade in the form of two heavy cavalry regiments. AKA the blue one and the red one or for button counters the el Rey and the de Algrave regiments.  Having splashed a bit of cash to get the Spanish Cavalry of the early Peninsular war book by Cronin and Summerfield I ignored it and went with the make them look pretty approach. Afterwards I looked up what regiments best matched the uniforms I painted.  For future I should probably reference the book in advance.  Still on the paint table for the project is two guards regiments, two light cavalry regiments, several line regiments and a band of guerrillas.

28mm figure added for scale

The red regiment

The blue regiment

That is all for now thanks for stopping by

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peter holland said...

I'm going through the same process. The units look great in 6 mm

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