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Thursday, February 9, 2017

Painting washed out French foreign legionnaires

The legion on deployment
The first part of my burning sands colonial project disembarks from the painting table with three blisters of blue-moon french foreign legion.
1st squad  prepares to fire

  • For the legion painting wise the base method is unchanged.  
  • The figures were primed grey then given a top down spray off white.
  • Their base coat was ivory applied with an Airbrush.
  • Their sash was painted blue.
  • Boots, belts and cap peak was painted with a 50:50 mix of dark grey and black
  • Rifle were painted camo brown and the barrels painted gun metal grey.
  • The skin was painted a sunny skin tone.
2nd squad moves  forward covered by third squad 

The figures are very white and for a change I opted to experiment with different washes to see what the outcome looked like.

Washed out legionnaires
Group A is a control with no wash
Group B is washed with my trusted thinned down, watered down smoke wash
Group C is washed with the Vallejo light grey wash
Group D is washed with the Vallejo black wash.

The washes add a bit to the figures but no one wash stood out as a must have.

washed out legionnaires
(Going left to right A,B,D,C)

Captain Henri supervises the legion advance

4th squad moves up
 That is all for now thanks for stopping by.


Frank O'Donnell said...

I find with washes on lighter colours that it can be hard to get the right balance, to much wash & you can lose the colour & not enough & it does little or nothing.

Something I did find if you want to try it is to apply a couple of water downed dark washes

Dakeryus said...

I agree. the challenge is i want to minimise the number of steps to paint a mini as much as possible since i want to paint up a lot of miniatures :)

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