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Monday, January 16, 2017

2017 Game plan

Game on

It is the start of the year and time to ponder what should be in scope hobby wise for the year ahead.

I think 2016 was an average year hobby wise with  the biggest change being an interest in running or taking part in multiplayer umpired games. Looking at games by Posties rejects ( Ray, Big Lee and Fran) and by andy at glorious little soldiers I see the appeal of the games. They are harder to organize and run but ultimately I think they are worth the effort.

Below is my short (!!!) list for potential hobby topics with twenty plus topics it is not exactly very short. But I do not expect to get everything on the list done it just gives an indication of where things are at. Plus some of the topics are interrelated eg participate in a campaign also means play more games by default.

  1. Play more games :)
  2. Build more terrain
  3. Paint less.
  4. Spend Less :)
  5. Run a Campaign
  6. Participate in a campaign
  7. Organize 6+ multiplayer games (including the Tactica participation game)
  8. Do something that is not on this list
  9. Finish the AWI project
  10. Finish the Chain of Command Desert Rats
  11. Finish the 6mm Napoleonic Spanish, including terrain, for Blucher
  12. Attend the big three shows (Salut, Crisis, Tactica) and take art in some participation games.
  13. Go ancient and do a Rome versus the barbarians project.
  14. Go to sea and do a age of sail project (ships, terrain, etc)
  15. Complete the Burning Sands project (French foreign legion in the desert, figures terrain, etc)
  16. Go 21st century and get either a 3D printer or a MDF laser cutter
  17. Go Japanese finish the Bolt Action Japanese
  18. Go to the Dark ages and either a do either a strathclyde Welsh or Irish warband
  19. Go Middle East and do a Arab israeli war project.
  20. Go Vietnam and do a Vietnam project.
  21. Go steampunk in the age of the aeronauts

Play/Build more games/terrain is a no brainer. We have started up a new tabletop club in the area hopefully that mean meeting more people to play with and building more terrain to populate the club tables. Paint/spend less, to make time for more gaming and terrain making, I guess, something has got to give. reduced painting time is an option without the hobby time eating into other activates. Spending less, try saying that without smiling :), is probably naive, but If I plan to paint less than it does not make sense to add to the lead pile. I suspect going to wargames shows will  cancel out this topic.

Campaigning, either, running one or playing in one is great fun. It helps to play more games and gives the games more meaning eg my gaming defeat today will be my revenge game tomorrow.  Currently I am in a Saga Campaign.  For the Burning Sands project I have the outline for a French foreign legion campaign using either “the men who would be kings” or sharp practice 2.  Plus the lardy christmas annual form 2013 has a amazing looking sharp practice meets age of sail campaign. I should be able to re-purpose my AWI figures to fill in for the Infantry engagements.  But I need to pick up ships for the naval aspect. I suspect this will need to run as an umpired campaign with kriegspiel rules with the players roleplaying the various fractions.

Multi-players games are similar to campaigns and provide good motivation to get stuff done and to gather people run for some a bit different from the regular game night event.  The finish “X” topics is something I would like to do to get closure on some of the projects.  The go to “Y” topics are more wish list items than solid plans at the moment.

That is all for now thanks for stopping by.

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Frank O'Donnell said...

A nice list of things there mate all the best with it, wouldn't mind doing one of those big shows myself & as a trip to WHL is looking less likely this season it could be my big day out instead.

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