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Monday, October 24, 2016

United Arab republic company (PiP)

Short UAR company

for a change of pace I decide to paint up a untied Arab republic(UAR) company I picked up a the last flames of war firesale.  I do not know much about the period and have not much interest in playing flames of war in the setting. But I would be interested in trying force on force with the figures at some point.
1st platoon 1st squad
Painting wise this was an exercise in desert themed force. I have a British ww2 desert rats platoon on the paint desk some where and I wanted to practice on some desert themed figures
company HQ Anti assets
painting method
Prime grey
The base was painted desert yellow with the rocks painted dark sand
The uniform is mostly cam olive green some of the jackets and pants are lightened by mixing in a little olive green some are darkened by mixing in a little russian green the idea being to break up the uniformity a bit.
The AK47 and SAWs are painting  gunmetal grey with the wooden stocks painted beige brown
The boots were painted beige brown also.
The skin was painted cork brown
The binoculars and the sunglasses were painted black (except for one set of sunglasses painted silver for the more fashionable officer).
The heavy weapons were painted german camo beige
1st platoon
Overall not a bad results but I think I need to work more on the base trying to blend in the green uniforms on the desert base.
2nd platoon 3rd squad
2nd platoon
That is all for not thanks for stopping by.


Frank O'Donnell said...

I think the problem with the like of desert bases is by & large their just one colour so very hard to make them pop, I'm not sure but maybe if you gave them a light wash it might help.

Dakeryus said...

I was thinking a dark wash followed by a dry brush.

Flames of war has a nice article on the topic.

DavidDresden said...

I have a bottle of colorful Mallorca sand that might help make the bases pop a bit.

Frank O'Donnell said...

Any of them would do the trick alright mate, now all you've got to do is decide which one suits you best.

Dakeryus said...

Using real sand sounds interesting. I might be going to the middle east next year. It might be a chance to stock up on supplies. Not sure how to declare it at customs :)

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