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Thursday, October 6, 2016

The saga of the Norse Gaels' Queen (sitrep SAGA)

When the Irish came raiding

Irish raiders
Disclaimer: This was an unusual game.  Normally, for a custom game I write up the scenario then play the game. But this time, due to serendipity, we played the game before actual writing up the scenario. Originally the plan was to play a 2x2 Bolt action game but real world topics interfered and on short notice we opted for “a SAGA game, maybe with a fun scenario” to quote David.  The map was created during a lunch break and the scenario was finalised on arrival at the club. For background a local warlord (norse gaels in this case) is away hunting and a rival warlord (the Irish, again) plans to attack his capital to kidnap his wife and children for ransom. Could the raiders overcome the town's defense and escape before the warlord returns to bring terrible vengeance?

Enemy at the gates
For some reason the camera switched to night mode, dark times indeed for the defenders :)
The defenders consisted of three units of six bow armed levy lead by a steward (basically a mini warlord).  The town walls and buildings were impassable but the gate was weak and in bad repair. We used the rules from the attack on the borough from the wolf time expansion for the rules.  The attackers consisted of an Irish warlord leading two bands of four hearthguard, two bands of twelve warriors and a pack of dogs.  The Gaels relief force consisted of a warlord with one unit of four hearthguard with dane axes and two units of twelve warriors, one with javelins, one with dane axes.
Relief is on the way but needs to watch out for the damn dogs in the woods

The attacker split into two groups a unit of hearthguard and the pack of dogs were tasked with slowing down the relief force while the rest made for the town.  The attack on the town has mixed results at one wall section the Irish quickly shot off the defending levy but at the other end the levy put a fierce fire fight and mauled the warriors before it to was forced to pull back.  In the centre the hearthguard went to work knocking down the main gate while the remaining defenders waited within.  The relief column made slow progress getting delayed trying to clear dogs out of near by wood while trying to avoid the Irish hearthguard waiting patiently in another wood.  
Slower than they would like the Irish hearthguard destroyed the main gate,  The steward responded heroically hiding behind the Queen while the last levy unit moved forward to block the passage.  
Officially the steward tries to pull the Queen to safety
Unofficially he tried to get out of charge range of the Irish
The Irish were through the gate and warlord and his hearthguard swept aside the defending levy but could not quiet reach the steward.  But the relief force had cleared the woods and were bearing down on the attackers.
Irish warriors turn to face the relief column

The Irish warriors fell back to block the relief force while the warlord and his hearthgaurd pushed forward . The steward charged the tried hearthguard but was cut down for his trouble. The warlord and hearthguard the Queen and made for the exit

The steward engages the Irish
They emerged for the town ruins just in time to se their warriors being over run by the relief column.
Queen in hand the Irish make there make a break to escape
The Gaels' warlord and his hearthguard cut their way through the Irish and hack down their cheftain
The remaining Irish hearthguard drop the queen and feel to safety.
Overall a great game of Saga put together rather quickly but the game mechanics are pretty robust and can some rough and ready scenario shenanigans.

That is for now, thanks for stopping by.

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