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Monday, July 20, 2015

WiP (Longstreet and FOW): getting ready for a fight

New York Irish brigade on the march

Not a lot of progress on the Longstreet front this week. I took out the Union brigade for a photo shoot and the pictures are below.  The rest of the time has been spent finishing off some auxiliary units ,limbers and pioneers, as well as basing some dismounted Union cavalry and an unknown Union regiment.  Next in the queue is some more cavalry, mounted and dismounted.  The Confederates currently have double the Union cavalry and as a results get a scouting bonus in future games. I suspect there may be an increase in demand for horse flesh soon as the Union tries even the numbers or the Confederate gets some of their early war cavalry bonus during the campaign step.

1st New York light artillery battery
63rd New York regiment
1st Pennsylvania artillery battery 
88th New York regiment
7th Cavalry
2nd Wisconsin regiment 
Dismounted 7th Cavalry
Unknown Union regiment
(ie they have not been given a flag yet)
Pioneers ( handy marker for identifying  units trying to dig in) 
Artillery limbers + additional artillery pieces.
(I am not sure the limbers will see the light of day. But the guns will probable come into action in the within the next two games
Additional Confederate command stand.
 Initially I tried to do full regiment for Longstreet ie full ten stand units. However, now I think I will need more command stands going forward as regiment get whittled down during the campaign. 
 One of the main reason for the slow progress on the Longstreet front is a FOW project running in parallel.  At this year ETC I will be leading the Flames of War UN1 team (ie oddball team).  And since I can easily field a German and Russian infantry force for early war I volunteered for the Tank force partly because nobody else on the team could make a list partly because I wanted an excuse to paint up some of the lovely Plastic Soldier Company's new 38t's.  Below is how the force looks.  I did want to do something clever with the assemble so I could swap out the 38t's with some panzer jaeger variations that came in the box. But I am short on time.  Currently the list is waiting from some Dom Decals before moving on to washes and pigments.

Czech panzer kompanie
Command section
1st Zug
2nd Zug
Leithe panzer zug
Recon zug
Flak Bunker Zug
 (For those pesky Russian heavy tanks that seem impervious to everything else in the German Armoury)
Post ETC I think I would like to expand the force to a fully strength panzer company. Earlier war is proving to be an interesting experience. I like the mix forces and the more eccentric tank designs.  Longstreet has not been forgotten.  The table is set to the next battle which is an encounter on the Klondike road.
Encounter on the Klondike road
(Game two set-up)

That is all for now, thanks for stopping by.


Dai said...

Looks like that Feral Shado'Kesh as some dodgy designs regarding those poor 38's.

ACW boys look great. For what reason did you go with the FoW style basing over say 1" square?

Dai said...

*And by 'as, I of course meant "Has" @facepalm@ *

Dakeryus said...

The bases are 40mm x40mm.

I did a couple of sketches on graph paper before picking the size.
The last 10mm is for the unit information, (regiment name, morale, skill level).

The remaining 30mm x 40mm lets me put 4 x 2 figures on the base. I really wanted to have the two standard bearers, officer and musician on a single base in the front rank because I think it look better when the unit march in a single column with the HQ element at the front. 1” square with 15mm figure would I think make for a very busy base.

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