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Monday, July 13, 2015

Sitrep (Longstreet): First Strike

Miller crossing

Before starting the battle we generated the background for the two brigade commanders
It turns out Colonel Koch was originally from Germany and moved to the US after service in the Prussian army. He has impressed high command with his european fire drill and Manoeuvre drills. At the out break of the war he was assigned to command of the New York Brigade consisting mostly of Irish immigrants fresh of the boats in New York.

Colonel Cullen was from the deep south. He graduated top of his class in West Point and served in the Artillery.  He found God and left the army to set up his own ministry.  When war was declared he re-enlisted and was assigned command of the Texas Brigade.

Conferrate advance in oblique order
Confederate artillery goes into action with counter battery fire against their counterparts, This last most of the day and destroys two sections of 1st New York Artillery.

The Union lines defending Millers crossing
The Confederate line advances
Taking fire on the advance.

Heavy fire starts to take its toll
High water mark of the advance.
Union counter attack break the Confederate centre

1st Texas exploit a crack in the Union line
But it is too late, the Confederates have taken too many loss and the brigade is scattered.

Post game for the Union sees Colonel Koch not promoted for his successful defense of the Crossing. The 7th Cavalry and 88th Infantry have lost a little of their enthusiasm for the war and are reduced from eager to steady. Overall, the brigade suffers light casualties from the battle and has few desertions afterwards.The 63rd New York infantry is transferred into the brigade to make it the full Irish.The commander of the 69th becomes a hero after his storys of his bravery reach the newspapers. While the 88th gets a reputation as being reliable in a fight. The Artillery is reinforced with the 4th United States Artillery Battery with two sections of Napoleon's.

Post game for the Confederates sees Colonel Cullen promoted to Brigade General. The 1st and 4th Texas suffer reduced morale due to pasting they got at the crossing. The 1st suffer further due to desertion and attrition after the battle. The 1st and 4th become veterans. Brigade General Cullen 2nd cousin win a seat in congress giving him a friend in the statehouse.The 5th Virginia cavalry joins the brigade to make up for losses at the battle. Also Confederates sympathisers have sabotaged Union supply lines for the next battle.

At the end of 1861 the two forces look like this

Union Forces

Commander: Colonel Thaddeus Koch
Skills: European Service, Drillmaster
Epic Points: 4


69th New York Regiment
(10 companies, Eager Recruits, Hero)
88th New York Regiment
(8 companies,Steady Recruits, Old Reliables )
2nd Wisconsin Regiment
(9 companies, Eager Recruits)
68th  New York Regiment
(6 companies, Steady Veterans)


7th United States Cavalry
(6 troops, Steady Recruits)


1st New York Light Artillery Battery
(1 section, 1 Howitzer)
4th United States Artillery Battery
(2 sections, 2 Napoleons )
Confederate Forces

Commander: Brigadier General Nathaniel Cullen
Skills: Friend in the Statehouse, Preacher, Artillery officer
Epic Points: 3


1st Texas Regiment
(4 companies, Steady Veterans)
4th Texas Regiment
(6 companies, Steady Veterans)
5th Texas Regiment
(9 companies, Eager Recruits)


8th Texas Cavalry
(7 troops, Eager Recruits)
5th  Virginia Cavalry
(9 troops, Eager Recruits)

1st North Carolina Battery
(3 sections, 1 Howitzer, 2 6-pdrs)

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Frank O'Donnell said...

Seems like a fun game mate, but why did you get promoted ?

Dakeryus said...

I like to think it was because High Command recognise my superior tactical acumen :)
But the true is after each game players test for promotion, Winning the game and gaining epic points help the dice roll but at this earlier in the campaign both side are in with a chance. Plus now cousin Ernie is in the statehouse he can lobby on my behalf for future promotions.

Dai said...

Oof, but those poor Rebels got a mauling. Next battle doesn't look like it'll be all that easy either what with all the losses they took.

Good AAR. Looking forward to your next installment of the campaign.

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