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Monday, October 14, 2013

WIP (Bolt ACtion): American Nisei Infantry

Go for Broke
With the Chindits nearly finished for Bolt Action it is time to start another force (or three).  I opted for Nisei infantry (American infantry of Japanese descent).. In a pinch this guys will also moonlight at Americas equipped Nationalist Chinese to fight any Japanese  they encounter. So far I have only assembled the first squad of the platoon. The two boxes of infantry I will have most of the Gi's covered and can then start to pad out the support options THe force will also be on Chain of Combat duty whenever I manage to get a game in.The whole army should cost about hundred euro.

BAR team

The guy on the left needs some green stuff to givce the impression of running while trying to keep his helmet on. I really like the hat on the guys on the right

Grenadier team

NCO and friend

Scout section

Mean while in Burma the Chindits are in a dealyy struggle with the japanese.  
I got to play two games of Bolt Actions each game was around the 800 point mark both times the mission was hold until relieved. Basicily the defender deploys two units gaurding an objective near the centre of the battlefeild the rest of his army comes on from his table edge or in from reserve. The attacker then deploys his army around a set distants from the defender.

For the first game the chindits were the attacker.The force was a 2nd lieutenant leading three section of veteran infantry, one with maxed SMGs. Supported by a flame thrower team, a sniper team and a medium mortar. The Japanese defnders consisted on a HMG and infantry section guarding a bridge. A 2nd lieutenant, a full strength infantry section, a minimum strength infatry section and a MMG.

The Chindit sniper proved a waste of point only hitting once with six shots despite needing 3+ to hit.  The rest of the force did better pinning the defenders before the SMG squad rushed in and finished them.  THe Flame thrower team  burnt out the large infnatry section as it rushed to protect the bridge. Despite loosing a man to over watch fire.

For the second game the Chindits were the defenders with the Japanese on the attack. The chindits were reinforced with an artillery observer, a light mortar, a medium mortar and an HMG section in exchange for a flame thrower team. The Flame throwers seem to be a bit to good for Bolt Action I think.  The Japanese were re-inforced with multiple mortars and tank destruction squad (aka a cheap orders dice).  The objective a was a village in the centre of the table.  This time the snipers were on fire. The Japanese sniper bagged the chindit officer. while the chindit sniper got the tank destruction team, the Japanese commander and the NCO of the large infantry section.  The Artillery observer did not do much apart from get shot.  The game ended a draw with both sides badly depleted but still contesting the village.

The red dice are actually pin markers none of the initial defenders made threough the game. The artillery strike did not much. In the back ground the Japanese infatry are about to break cover. If they can pass their advance order. :)

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