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Thursday, October 17, 2013

Sit rep (FOW); Battles in Leipzig

Battles in Leipzig
A quick run down of a recent FOW tournament I got to play in Leipzig last month. I took a randomly generated reluctant trained VollksGrenadier. The main obecjtive was not be last at the event. Reluctant trained means my guys get hit with two in three shots and platoons fail morale two in three times.

Kampfgruppe Hiess
Reluctant Trained Volksgrenadiers

Command platoon with attached panzerschreiks

Combat platoons
1 full strength Sturm platoon
1 full strength Shutzen platoon

Weapons platoon
1 minimum strength scout platoon
1 maximum strength HMG platoon
1 maximum strength Anti tank gun platoon
1 maximum strength Anti Aircraft platoon with wagon transport

Divisional support
1 maximum strength light artillery battery with wagon transport
1 heavy artillery battery
1 Jagd Tiger

The force was heavy in artillery but lacking in manpower and lacked mobility to react to threats. It placed a big challenge on forward planning since once a platoon was committed it was unlike to be able to support and other action except maybe the big guns which could bring pain to pretty much any where on the table. 

Round one was Cauldron against Reluctant Veteran British lead by Mister Pink (aka a german ETC player). The neither the mission or the opponent was what I want to see on the first game.  Half the army deployed in delayed reserve with the rest defending the objectives. The British deployed was weighted towards one flank.  The game started well a spoiling attack from the Sturm platoon pushed back the British main threat. British reinforcement arrived on the opposite flank and began to put pressure on the other objective. German reinforcement decided they did not want to participate in the game much to the frustration of the defenders.  The reinforcement only arrive on the compulsory arrival and then only in the barest minimum strength. Under pressure the  The defenders accounted for two platoons of the British before a company morale test forced their withdrawal.

The second game saw the Volksgrenadiers ordered to attack Falischrismjaegers (Fearless Veterans) in a hold the line mission.  The volksgrenadiers attacked both objectives but struggled to make progress against the dug in fearless veterans. Ambushing panzerfuast teams slowed the Jagdtiges advance.  eventually the first line of resistance crumbled and the defenders fell back to the main line of resistance.  The light artillery got to mount up on its wagons and was wheels into plain sight of the main line and commenced direct fire on the defenders.  Unfortunately time ran out before the main line could collapse. To make matters worse after the ten minute warning was given the defenders broke cover for the last round and destroyed two platoons for the lose for one of theirs.

The last game saw the Volksgrendiers engaged in a free for all mission against an American tank destroyer company. This time things went better. The artillery final started to earn its point ranging in on an armored rifle platoon that was trying to creep through a village towards and objective.  The AA platoon got into a fire fight with its american amoured counter parts and came of the winner. American tanks were sent support its AA platoon but was intercepted by the Anti tank platoon and was dispatched. The jagdtiger made it into the american artillery park where it proceed to do nothing expect draw fire from every gun in the area.  The Tank Destroyer recon sections were intercept by mortars and MG fire forcing the Tank destroyers to deploy early.  The volksenadiers were able to break the Tank Destroyers without loosing a single platoon

 Overall, the Volksgrendiers ended in the top half of the table. They were a challenging list to work with low morale and skill but they pack a punch if they can get their momument tum going.

Volks grenadiers opt for a spoiling raid on massed british assualt group

British Artillery prepares for a fire mission

Volksgrenadiers prepare to repel a British advance

Indiana Jones objective (very cool)

Volksgrenadiers face off agniast German o paratroopers

Volksgrendiers begin to advance on the paratrooper postions

Volksgrenadiers assualt column moves out

German paratroopers get ready to repel the Volksgrendaier assualt

Underneath all the paper is a battlefeild

Amercian air support tried to pin the light artillery

The Volksgrendiers main (and only) line of resitsnce aganist the Americans

American Armour litters the battlefeild

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Seem like you had fun, I think the type of list you played is much more challenging but also much more rewarding then the it does as oit says on the can kind of lists.

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