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Thursday, April 11, 2013

PiP (FOW): King Tigers, Rams and heavy mortars

Paint in Progress Flames of war King Tiger with Vallejo model air paints
Normally for 15mm WW2 vehicles I would go to Forged in Battle. Nice pieces at a reasonable price with limited assembly is a strong combination. But for the king tiger platoon I when with Battlefronts offering just because its is bigger and that seems right for a King Tiger tank..  So far the models have been primed grey then given a German late war primer coat. The green and brown camo is Vallejo model air paints applied with an airbrush.  The detailing and weathering still has to be done.  

Some Forged in Battle Rams, still looking for some decals and weathering.

 Also some work in progress Volksgrenader heavy mortar platoon. The figures are nearly done but the base is still in progress.  The figures are left over guys from the Volksgrenadiers box set.

Once the putty was semi dryI tried stamping some Tank tracks into the mud to add more realism to the base. THe plan is oncethe wash is applied the tracks will be hilighted

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