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Monday, April 29, 2013

Dig In (FOW): Ploughed fields

Tigers in the mud

Thin plastic card (0.5mm to 0.75mm)
Thin ribbed cardboard. The cardboard should consist of two of thin card sandwiching a ribbed sheet. (3-4mm gap between ribbing in the ribbed sheet)
Modelling knife
PVA glue
Modelling sand
Various earth shade of paint
Grass Flock

Plastic card cut into a rectangle with a FOW base to check the scale

  1. Cut the plastic card into a rough 6”x9” rectangle
  2. Using a pen trace the outline of the plastic on to the cardboard (making sure the ribbed sheet runs parallel to the long length of the plastic card).
  3. Peel off one of the thin sheet cardboard (it might be worth practising peeling cardboard on some cast before attempting the main piece).
  4. Glue the cardboard to the plastic card with the ribbed section facing up.
  5. Seal the cardboard with an undercoat spray to prevent it from wrapping
  6. Mix some filler with some dark earth colour paint and some PVA glue. Paste the mixture around the edge of the cardboard and in patches on the cardboard.
  7. Add modelling sand to the wet paste for texture.
  8. Once everything is dry prime the modelling with a dark earth colour.
  9. Once dry add another layer with a light earth shade color.
  10. Hilight the field with a soft yellow color.
  11. Add random patches of static grass

    Stripped cardboard glued to the plastic card (starting to look like a field now)

    Color filler added to the edge with modelling sand being added

    Frist earth shade going down 
    (Vallejo modeling pumice was added to some of the troughs just to se how it works)

    First highlight going down

    Flock being added

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