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Friday, November 19, 2010

PIP (FOW); Back to Bases

The basing problems at the Dominion of Steel event brought me back to my current FOW project namely creating a Herman Goering (HG) panziergrenadiers company.  I have a love/hate relationship with the Germans in FOW particular around painting/modelling. It started with the SS panziergrenadiers apparently their camo pattern is Pea-dot and it is considered one of the hardest camo scheme to paint. I didn’t fancy that in 15mm so I went for one of their alternative which turned out to be really hard to do in 15mm. Laborious and time consuming are not words I like to use about the hobby but that’s what painting the SS guys was. When it was over it was a “thank &*^% for that moment”.  

The HG guys are going the same way this time it’s about the bases. FOW and to a lesser extent WHFB offer a great opportunity to go to town on the models bases to create little narratives /storys /displays. I forked out and got some of Kerr and Kings urban bases to create an image of the HG battle worn company fighting in the ruins of town somewhere in ww2. The models are great the bases are cool the problem is getting the little guys on to the bases. If I use a snips I damage the model but it is quick if I use saw the model is safe but it takes ages to cut off the base.  Plus filling in the gaps with green stuff doesn’t seem like it will last on a games table.  Here is what I have so far.
Company HQ with AT section.

 1st platoon

 2nd platoon

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i know where the hate part comes from, now hurry up & get them finsh so i can beat you with them.

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