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Thursday, December 21, 2017

part 2 Cage Rage in AWI with BAT (Bolt Action & Tomahawks)

Charge in Cage Rage part2
For the Cage Rage scenario Tonio bravely resumed command of the British while I took control of the American. Tonio was slightly puzzled since he expected to be playing Maurice and now was being presented with a three page scenario for a custom rules set :) but none the less was game to try it.

The red menace on the moe
The initial move saw the escort vanguard move towards the bridge. However the British vanguard arrived before the coach could cross. The British vanguard consisted of all the regular infantry (officer and two units). The British vanguard meant business, the volley from the first unit sent the escort vanguard fleeing to the rear. While the volley from the second unit caused the auxiliary infantry in the blockhouse to flee and abandon their position. (Oh dear, it was being to look like the coach might not even get across the bridge).

The blockhouse under fire
But General Gage had an important assignation. The coach moved across the bridge while the remaining dragoons moved to the riveredge to give covering fire. Outside of the blockhouse the auxiliary infantry regained their composure and began to fire on the advancing redcoats dropping a few but not stopping their advance. The redcoats advanced and reloaded.

The coach, just about clears the bridge
The coach cleared the bridge but the nearest redcoats seized it, forcing the coachman to jump into the river, a counter charge by the dragoons recaptured the coach forcing the acting coachman to also jump into the river. The remaining redcoats finished of the auxiliary infantry who had tried to stall their advance. Under pressure, the escort lieutenant charged the British lieutenant and cut him down in a bid to limit the actions of the redcoats.

The escort engages the red coats
Slightly relieved the coach cleared the engagement and thundered down the road escorted by half a dozen dragoons that managed to clear the bridge. The escort commander and remaining dragoons exchange shot and sabre with the redcoats by the time the smoked had cleared a unit of redcoats was gone but at the cost of all the cavalry.

While the coach makes good its escape
The coach sped down the road counting the minutes until it was safe. However, the British main force arrived. The force consisted of the mounted regular captain and lieutenant, the auxiliary infantry led by their lieutenant and, most importantly, the regular cavalry. The race was on, the cavalry dashed after the slower moving coach while the infantry loitered around the blockhouse.

British dragoons shadow the coach
Within sight of the farmstead the road bound coach was overtaken and captured. The farmstead defenders and the remaining dragoons tried to recapture the coach but the redcoat cavalry wiped them except for a single dragoon who fled down the road.

The coach is cornered and captured
Before the British could make their escape the French put in an appearance arrived. The French infantry engaged their counterparts driving back British infantry. While the French captain lead the cavalry in pursue of the captured coach.

The farmstead defenders are overrun
The remaining redcoat cavalry moved to screen the coach as it tried to make its escape. The French cavalry went through the screen like a hot knife through butter with lancers creating havoc on the charge. The redcoat cavalry was reduced to a solitary dragoon in a single charge.

French infantry arrives and engages the redcoat infantry
With no sign of the British rearguard the British captain desperately drove the captured coach to safety. With the French cavalry closing in the coach just about managed to escape to give the British a win.
French cavalry overrun their counterparts
In the end it was a rather splendid game. The coach and the activation rules worked a treat. There was a little misunderstanding with the unit arrival sequence we had to dice for but overall the game was great. There was plenty of high and lows from the initial clash at the bridge, to the dash for the farmstead, to the race to escape with the prize. The secret selection entry point in advance and with random turn arrival means there is replayability in the game. We may play the scenario again or maybe try to save general Gage from dreaded Captain Barleton. 

The coach makes it escape
That is all for now thanks for stopping by.

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