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Thursday, July 13, 2017

Saving (Indiana) Jones in the men who would be kings

Jones' camp
Scenario intro:
I have enough painted figures to do a test game of The Men Who Would Be Kings. To give the game a little flavour I made up a scenario to try out the rules.

An American fellow named Jones from the university of Indiana is leading an expedition to your region to find the lost tomb Sheba rumored to be a site of deep archaeology significance and not an insignificant amount of wealth.  The expedition has attracted the attentions of the world press and the regional governor is keen for his visit to be successful without the interference of the local tribes who are adapt at a spot of banditry when it suits them.  Unfortunately, the local emir has heard rumors of a big man from America is in the area and is keen to improve his tribe’s standing and purse at the expense of the governor
tirailleurs in camp
  • The battlefield is a 6’x4’ table. Evenly scattered in a loose circle around the centre of the battlefield is the six possible locations for the Jones’ expedition represented by markers (we used tents for the game)
  • Caporal Burek and his unit start in the centre of the battlefield.
  • The Touareg Pick which corner they want to enter from and must arrive within 12” of that point.
  • The rest of the French arrive at the  diagonal opposite corner
Tirailleurs fall back to join the relief column

The protagonists:
The French
  • Sous-lieutenant Aligot with seven chasseurs d'afrique (regular cavalry)
  • Sergeant Choucroute with eleven legionnaires (regular infantry)
  • Caporal Pichet with eleven legionnaires (regular infantry)
  • Caporal Burek with eleven tirailleurs (irregular infantry)

The Touareg
  • Emir Kwah with seven mounted warriors (irregular cavalry)
  • Onbaşı Ferakh Maamer with eleven warriors(irregular infantry)
  • Onbaşı Kemia with eleven warriors(irregular infantry)
  • Onbaşı Merguez with fifteen warriors(tribal infantry)
  • Onbaşı Mrouzia with fifteen warriors(tribal infantry)
  • Onbaşı Rfisa with fifteen warriors(tribal infantry)

tirailleurs fall back while chasseurs charge forward
Special rules
Jone’s expedition:
  • The Jones’ expedition consists of three groups, the Jones, their sidekicks and their help. For the scenario they represent objective markers. Each of the three markers is hidden by the French player at one of six locations.
Search order:
  • If a French or Touareg unit starts its turn adjacent to a possible location for the Jones the player can issue a search order and the unit must take a leadership test.
  • If the test is passed the French what if any markers are at the location.  The markers automatically join the unit and move with it for the rest of the game.
  • If the units is wiped out or defeated in combat the marker is dropped and can be picked up by another unit if it passes another search order.
Force morale:
  • Each time a force loses a unit roll a D6. If the number is  less than the total number of units the force has lost so far the force has had enough and quits the battlefield.

Victory conditions:
  • The Jones are worth three victory points, the sidekicks are worth two victory points and the help are worth one victory point.
  • Player claim the victory points by either having one of their units find the marker and move it off the table or if at the end of the game the marker is attached to one of their units
  • The game lasts until all the groups are located and escorted off the table or one side concedes defeat and withdraws.
Tuareg capture the help

We played the scenario twice with the Turareg getting a major win when the French lead by Captaine Franco forgot where they placed the Jones and in the ensuing confusion The Turareg led by el durum managed to make off with the entire expedition. In the second iteration the French were lead by Captaine Von Hellig this time the Tuareg forgot to search all the buildings and the French were able to save half the expedition.

Both games were fun.  The scenario maybe a bit biased in favor of the Turareg since they get a move bonus which helps to get to the location for searching and because I like terrain heavy tables which can hamper the modern rifles of the French.
Chasseurs race to the rescue of the help

Tuareg warriors advancing through the brush

Tuareg search a hut while on the other side of the hill the French do the same

Tuareg cavalry moving to support a search 

French legion search a building while corporal Lourd's section brings up the rear
Chasseurs and tirailleurs advance

Chasseurs and tribal warriors clash

Last charge of the Chasseurs

Legion and Tuaregs clash again 

Tuaregs commence searching

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Frank O'Donnell said...

How could anyone forget where they hid the Jones ? lol twis a fun game all the same.

Dakeryus said...

It is very easily done Franco :)
Some folks even overlook house they are suppose to be searching

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