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Monday, May 15, 2017

Bolt Action Burma

Chindits setting up a block and a railway line
A couple of developments have lead to the Chindits once more giving battle to the Japanese in deepest  darkness Burma. The tabletop Dresden crew are starting a Bolt Action escalation league and Tonio was interested in a game in advance of the arrival of his planned Italian army. Also Wargames Illustrated recently did an article with a scenario for the Burma featuring dug-in British trying to fight off waves of endless waves Japanese attack.

Japanese begin to arrive to force the issue

I re-did the forces to match the models I had available. The British defenders, originally at Kohima moved further east to become Chindits and their vehicles were replaced with more light infantry themed equipment and additional defenses more in keeping with the Chindit role.  Their force consisted of a reinforced platoon with some man portable heavy weapons (MMG, Mortar) and some column assets (Forward officer observer, medic and a sniper team). The Japanese also got some adjustment, their force also consisted of a reinforced platoon with man portable heavy weapon (MMG, Mortar) and some regiment assets (light AA gun, howitzer, sniper and flamethrower teams). Unfortunately I could not get my Japanese attack bike painted up in time, maybe next time

Chindits open fire on the advancing japanese
The setting is a Chindit column setting up a roadblock on a Japanese supply line. The japanese are understandable keen to re-open the line to enable their planned attack into India. The CHindits have defened positions while the japanese can re-cycle destroyed infantry squads

Japanese are sighted coming another direction
The initial assault started well for the Chindits with the first Japanese advance destroyed to the man. However, the Japanese were able to re-cycle units so their losses were less significant while each chindit lost could not replaced.  The Japanese switched their axis of attack and pretty soon the Chindit defenders were back under pressure. One squad was forced to fall back but before it could get to cover more Japanese appeared and wiped out the squad.

Another japanese squad breaks cover
The Chindit FOO called in a strike to hinder an japanese deployment. The artillery was on form and the shells quickly pinned the japanese in the deployment zone.  Another artillery strike was called in on another deployment but it was less impressive.  Out of support the FOO grabbed his rifle and began to to snipe at japanese weapons teams as they moved forward. Meanwhile the Chindit sniper was less than impressive with taking several shots before he could drop the japanese commander. During this time the FO accounted for two weapon teams.

An artillery strike pins down a Japanese jump of point
But the japanese continued to pile on the pressure another Chindit squad was forced out of cover and again more Japanese quickly appeared and destroyed it. With two chindit squads down the remainder were hard pressed to keep out the japanese waves pouring from the jungle. A chindit mortar strike gave some relief when a shell landed on the Japanese sniper as he was lining up a shot on the Chindit commander.

Japanese start to swarm in to the Chindits defences
A japanese veteran squad broke cover and tried to overrun a chindit redoubt.  Chindit commander and his assistant were cut down forcing the squad back. Leaving the redoubt defended by the mortar and medic teams.

Japanese veterans make short work of the Chindit commander and prepare to assault the mortar and medic teams
But before they could lunch their final assault darkness fell and the battle ended leaving what was left of the Chindits in control the battlefeild

Overall a great game Bolt Action I was a little worried the assaulting Japanese would not stand a chance and get slaughtered before they could get to the Chindits. But they just kept coming switching between the deployment area to keep the Chindits under a lot of pressure. It made for a tense game. While the Chindits got a a major win two the four redoubts would have fallen with another attack leaving two very lonely Chindits squads defending the rest.

That is all for now. Thanks for stopping by.

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