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Monday, June 15, 2015

Sitrep (FOW): battle for Bílá Hora

Round one battlefeild

Pioneer tank support moving towards their objective
Flak platoon filters forward
Gebirgjaeger entrenched waiting for a pioneer assualt
Panzerjaegers Vs Hlaftracks :)

Falk platoon takes exception to a observer team
But is then taken out by a HMG platoon
Who then attract the attention of the panzers
Pnzersjaegerts Vs halftracks goes pretty much as expected
HMF platoon digs in to stay alive Vs a panzer attack
Panzer on the prowl

One of the reason the Panzer do not overrunn the HMGs is the fear of pioneers lurking in the back

Panzers turn their attention on the Panzerjaegers
Pioneers pounce on a panzer moving through a village
Panzer start to over run the gebirgjager line
Moving dangerously to the objective

Three infantry saves :(
But on the other flank the other pioneers go on the offensive and start to over run the objective

Gebirgjaeger objective start to fall

But the enemy objevtive is secured

Under heavy pressure the CiC keeps the objective hot long enough to win the game
Round two battlefeild
Round two objective
Oberst Jiri plans his advance in free for all
Round two opposition
Pioneers pay day, Vs tank heavy force with restricted access and mionefeilds. This is kind of the style I would expect Gebirgsjaeger to operate in.

Gebirgsjaeger move out to block an outflanking enemy force
88 gettting ready to open fire
88's open fired on entrenched infantry
A nasty but not very use of heavy guns.
Panzerjaegers and Pioneers blocking the outflanking force

Late in the game the Gebirgsjaeger go on the offensive and over run the 88 position
French OP team
French Vs German armour

French artillery
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3 1's now there a dice roll I could be proud of LOL nice report thanks for sharing.

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