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Monday, February 16, 2015

(FOW) early war in Leipzig

Game 1 Vs Italian tank company

After a bit of a tournament lull. I finally got to get some early war games in. Tabletopsacshen had their first FOW early war event. I toyed with the idea of bring Gebirgjaegers then a German panzer company. But since I did not have the parts I wanted I settled for some Russian motorised strelkovy. Reluctant conscripts means my men are not very skilled and have only average morale. I opted for two companies each with two platoons. To stiffen them up. I added a full strength AA company, an armoured car company, some unarmed pioneers and a couple of KV2's. Unarmed pioneers and KV's are some of the newer additions to the Russian armory for early war. For the KV's I picked a KV1 and KV2. These tanks are almost invincible in early war and cause a bit of panic among an unprepared opponent.

Round 1 Soviet naval infantry prepare for an assault of Italian amour

View from the Italian side

Getting closer

Nuts, first line of defense is overrun

Italian armour finally clears the objective (Result loss 3:4)

The KVs stayed in play for the whole game. In the end it was just them and the crmored cars left compared to one intact italain tank platoon with the rest in hiding

Round 1 Vs German panzers

Round 2 battle field with Russian defending

Ze germans pushed hard for an early win before Russian reinforcemnt could arrive

German Flak support waiting to go in

Russian anti tank gun nails some armoured cars

The KV2 gets some attention from the luftwaffe. ( This wants the only item in the german armoury that could hurt the KVs

Ater a bitter struggle the Russain beat of the facist invaders (result Win 5:2)

Elsewhere Italian naval guns were engaging some british 8th army.

While the British guard their objective in the woods

Some Russian swere also in action against the french on other tables

Waiting for the french arival

French Char B rolling forward

Polish Mechanized cavalry Vs german panzers

Char B make contact with the Russian

Round three Vs french tanks (It took three turn to clear the hill of that pesky observer team)

Char B again, just before they chewed through my infantry. (Result loss, 3:4=

Overall a good day out. The KVs are fun to play with but very expensive. The horde of infantry not a great option since theirmain tasks is to sit in fox holes waiting for the enemy to run out of ammo.

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Paul Waechter said...

Nice report, some cool photo's too. Good to see the KV's provide a challenge but don't seem to unbalance the game.

Frank O'Donnell said...

some nice picts in there mate looks like you had a good day out.

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