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Thursday, January 16, 2014

Work in progress Bolt Action, FOW and 40K

Bolt Action Chindit conversions

It has been a slow start to 2014 too many projects and too little time.
Flames of War still dominates my WiP table. Mostly western front with British and Polish tank companies nearly ready to roll into battle while an American Armored rifle company it nearly half way done. I had hoped to do two American Ardenne forces in the form of the engineers and rifle companies to do battle against my Volksgrenadiers but like the winter it has not materialized yet.
Next up is Bolt Action the chindits  are getting reinforced with some specialists and conversions mostly because I like their background. Their opponents, the Japanese, are also getting reinforcements from brigade game. Mostly odd ball stuff like mules, baggage handlers and possibly an elephant. The Nisei are also ticking along with some more specialists.
40K is in third place mostly because X Wing does not need any painting or converting :)  There is a couple of options for armies but mostly they go on to the paint table sit there for a while then get replaced with something else. I plan to sign up for GW local monthly 1000 points 40k events to re stoke the fire for the system. I like most of the models, the background and more importantly the players. But the mechanics (compared to Bolt Action) are not great and more importantly the company culture is not something I want to support.

HMG bren carriers destined for Normandy

US armored rifles and a towed anti platoon also destined for Normandy.
WiP plastic soldier company halftracks for the american.
Some more Chindit conversions. For some reason I struggle to come up with good pose for this body. The legs and torso are one piece he is not quite standing still not quite walking. Browsing through various fora most people tend to put the model at the back when they are displaying  units with this body.

Some Nisei reinforcement in the form of a sniper team. If you ever get into Bolt Action it is well worth while looking into the upgrade pack for the regular plastic Warlord sell ie get the Nisei or rangers boxset over the reguler GI boxset. They cost a bit more but have a lot more extras
Some more Nisei specialists 

 I think this was my only Gamesworkshop purchase of 2013. Keen eyed people will note the green stuff on the model to cover some air bubbles in the failedcast.

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Frank O'Donnell said...

Is that an Eldar model I see Darra ? I must say I like it batter when your using the Japs lol.

Dakeryus said...

It is indeed. But considering it took nearly four months to get him primed it may be a while before the eldar march again

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