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Monday, June 24, 2013

PIP (FOW): Volksgrenadiers light artillery battery

Number one gun section preparing to fire.

I am being to suspect the weather has a stronger influence on the painting table than I had thought. During the long winter the flames of war winter offensive volksgrenadiers were steadily rolling off the table but now the summer has finally arrived the pace has slowed down a lot and the Bolt Action Chindits are moving up the priority list. Anyway, below are some of the latest Volksgrenadiers reinforcements.

The volks grenadiers are well supported by artillery, I think they can fit twenty one guns into the list before reaching for the mortars. So an artillery unit made the list. This guys represent elements of the 18th artillery regiment. What makes them interesting to me is that while the other other Volks grenadiers are armed to the teeth with the latest weapons from the German arsenal these guys are equipped with WW1 era artillery. Games wise these will count as a battery of 7.5cm FK40's. Model wise I used Finnish 76mm guns from Battlefront. To spice up the models very thin layers of green stuff was rolled and textured then cut to size and wrapped around the guns. Once dried its give appearance of camo netting.

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Number one gun ready

Number two gun ready

Number three gun ready

Number four gun ready.

Number five gun ready

Number six gun ready

Staff team discussing its options (the dog is from peter pig)

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