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Monday, September 12, 2011

I like mIKE

Odd post this, about six months ago I was on a long train trip to somewhere. I started to write a post on a five year plan for Ireland to win the ETC (it was a long trip). One of the sections was a profile of what were the characteristic to look for in the team, the players, captain, etc. (I had been doing something on team development for a work project at the time) . The idea being to profile what was needed then figure out the best fit. Below is an endorsement of why I think Mike Tangley should be the Irish 40K ETC captain for 2011.  

I like mike argument

I think it would be a good idea if,
-The guy responible for managing Irish ETC team was an actual manager in real life.
-The guy responible for the travel plans for the team was a travel manager in real life.
-The guy leading the team to an international event had a lot of international events experience in real life.
-The guy dealing with the international captains council dealts with international captains in real life.
-The guy captaining the team says "I am busy, it will take a while" rather than "I am too busy it will not be done".

If proven Leadership, logistical planning, experiance, commitment and people skills do not matter in the choice of captain. Then what does?

Last year Mike missed out on the captaincy. Since then he has won a best in europe leadership award. Became the second best player for ireland in the rankings and gone on to win events in different continents. While making a top 25 international captain's list that includes Barack O Bama. If they not achievements wanted in the captain of the Irish ETC team what are?
We should judge a potential captain not just by what they say they will do but also what they actually do . And I think so far Mike is doing the right things?

Think what kind of standard could set for the captaincy and what example would that set for future captains?

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