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Wednesday, December 22, 2010

FOW (PIP); Russian artillery and German half tracks

Fed up with constantly begin hit by Kampfgruppe Donnell's artillery the Russian have finally got some of the their own.

Nothing new in the painting techniques but I did get to test out the Vallejo smoke wash. I think it is like the GW devlan mud wash but without the 50% mark-up. I like it.  Also for the bases the rocks were made from Kitty litter dyed with chocolate brown clothes dye. It did not go as planned and the rocks were painted grey instead.

 Command section with first and second platoons

 First platoon

 Second platoon

 Staff team, command section and observer team

Not to be out done the Germans are starting to get their 250/1 company ready.  The mortar section and first platoon are nearly ready just need decals and anti varnish. Still to do the rest of the heavy weapons platoon and the two remaining combat platoons.

 German mortar section

 Half track platoon

Family shot

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