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Saturday, February 20, 2021

Wilderness war opening moves (early 1775)

During the week, two war councils were held via sypke. Both sides considered their options and for some rules clarification and then issues their order. Shown below.

French orders

Diplomatic Revolution (N)

Add one leader and 3 battalions of regulars to Quebec

Northern alliance

If you control Montreal add D3 Indian units to your force

Add D6 indian units if French VP >4

Campaign (N)

Move Diskeau and 3 units of regulars to Catarei

Move Villers and two units to Oneida  Carry West

British ministerial Crisis (N)

British force discard 1 card of reinforcements

Intrigues against Shirley

Remove Shirley if the French have at least 1 VP and Shirley is not besieged.

Foul Weathear

Play foul weather on Johnston at Albany

Raise provincials

Send four warbands to Allehany south mountains

Northern alliance

Add D3 indian units to your force

Local Enlistment(N)

Hold until the next phase.

British Orders



William Pitt’s Implements Global Strategy(N)

Send four highlanders and two leaders to Halifax

Light Infantry

2 units and a leader to Hudson carry south

French Regs

Move Shirley and 5 regiments to Oswego. Man the stockades on the way

Amphibious landing

Invade Louisburg from Halifax

Field works

Fortify the Louisburg invasion

Colonial recruits

Assault Louisburg

Repair Bastions

Move the 48th foot to Will Creek

Call out the militia

Add Militia to northern militia

The outcome was

Score: France; 1 Britain; 0


·         The stockade at Oneida Carry West is destroyed by Villiers.

·         Mockton starts the siege of Louisburg

·         Shirley is removed from office. 


(FR) Montcalm, and three battalions of French regulars 1st, 2nd Berry and 2nd Estrangers arrive a Quebec

(Br) Murray, Backstreet and four battalions of highlanders  2nd Black watch, 1st and 2nd 77th, 1st 78th arrive at Halifax

(FR) The Algonquin tribe allies with France. One Indian warband arrives are Lac des Deux Montages.

(BR) Two Rangers units are raised a Hudson Carry South. Wolfe arrives and assumes command.

(FR) Diskeau and three battalions move from Quebec to Catarapui. Beaujeu arrives at Ohio Forks Villers leaves Cataraqui destroys the British Stockade at Oneida Carry West (+1 VP).

(BR) Shirley and five regiments of provincials leave Albany. Connecticut regiment mans the stockade at SchenectadyRhode island regiment mans the stockade at Oneida Carry EastVilliers’ force withdraws to West Canada CreekShirley continues to Oswego.

(FR) Shirley is sacked for failing to protect Oneida Carry West.

(BR) Mockton and five battalions Invade Louisburg.

(FR) Foul weathear affects Johnston at Albany

(BR)  Mockton builds feildworks at Louisburg

(FR)  One units of corieurs De bois and two units of Indians move into the  Alleghany southern mountains.

(BR)  Mockton besieges Louisburg (siege counters increases by one)

(FR)  French prepare for late season offensive

(BR) 48th Foot moves from Alexandria to Will Creek

(BR) Milita are recruited to protect the Northern colonies.

Monday, February 8, 2021

Burning bridges in Bolt Action

Some rather lost Chindits assaulting a bridge somewhere in France