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Thursday, December 23, 2010

FOW Mission critical; Champs 1944

Champs 25th December 1944

Design notes;
Adapted to FOW from the Rapid Fire Battle of the Bugle expansion.

Desperate to break the Bastogne salient before in can be relieved the 26th Volksgrenadiers regiment has been reinforced by the depleted 115th panzer grenadier 1st battalion and kampfgruppe Maucke and ordered to attack Bastogne from the west. Opposing them is elements from the 101st airborne paratroop and glider regiments.

The battle is set-up as per the map.
The woods are impassable to vehicles but infantry treat them as open terrain.
Open ground and hills are difficult terrain to vehicles but infantry treat them as open terrain.
Roads are open terrain for all units.

Battle of champs map

The American forces deploy first. The parachute rifle company must deploy within unit coherence of Champs.  The glider rifle platoon must be deployed within unit coherence of Hemroulle.  The command section must be deployed within Unit coherence of Chateau Rolley. All remaining American platoons must deploy east of the Champ/Hemroulle road. All the platoons can opted to dig in before the start of the game.  The Sherman in delayed reserves arrives on the southern road.
The 26th Volksgrenadier moves on from the western table edge on turn one.  The 115th Panzer Grenadier battalion and Kampfgruppe Maucke enter from of the western road.

Glider platoon sets-up defending Hemroulle.
The forces
Defender; 101st Airborne
Company HQ with one attached bazooka
Parachute rifle platoon with three squads
Glider rifle platoon with three squads
Parachute Machine-gun platoon with two sections
Parachute mortar platoon with two sections
Parachute field artillery battery with two sections
Glider field artillery (105s) with one section
Tank destroyer platoon with one section (two M18s)

The defenders of Hemrouille were hard pressed by marauding Hetzers 

 The Hetzers breached the defences but timely arrival of the Sherman platoon clears the village

Delayed reserves
Sherman platoon with four shermans

Attacker; 26th Volksgrenadiers*
Company HQ with attached anti-tank section
Grenadier platoon with three sections and command SMG/panzerfaust
Grenadier platoon with three sections and command SMG/panzerfaust
Grenadier platoon with three sections and command SMG/panzerfaust
Grenadier infantry gun platoon with two sections
Grenadier mortar platoon with three sections
Grenadier mortar platoon (120mm) with two sections
Grenadier machine gun platoon with two sections
Veteran tank hunter platoon (Two hetzers)

115th Panzer Grenadier battalion/Kampfgruppe Maucke
Panzer platoon with two PiV
Panzer platoon with two Stug III
Grenadier platoon with three teams, command SMG/panzerfaust and attached panzershreik
Grenadier platoon with three teams, command SMG/panzerfaust and attached panzershreiks
Each grenadier platoon arrives riding on one of the tank platoons. Roll for each tank platoon as normal if they arrive then so does their attached grenadier platoon.

At Champs Volksgrenadiers infiltrated through the woods towards the village.

Special rules;
The platoons in the 26th Volksgrenadiers company count as trained.
The battle starts before dawn; starting from turn two onwards roll for day break as if it was a unit in reserve.
The US artillery is very low on ammunition and can only make one attempt to range in. Mortars platoon can still re-roll their first attempt as normal.

The tank destroyers were lost going toe to toe against newly arrived PiVs

With Hemorulle secured, the glider platoon pushed on to hill 106 to clear it of artillery observers who were becoming a pain in the ass. 

Victory conditions;
The Germans win if they capture Champs and there are no American units contesting the Champs/Hemroulle road. Or if the the American company breaks before the end of the game.  The Americans win if hold Champs and there are no German units contesting the Champs/Hemroulle road by the end of the game or if the 26th Volksgrenadiers break before the end of the game.  The game last for 18 turns.

The defenders of Champs were reduced to a single section before the Sherman's came to the rescue

Wednesday, December 22, 2010

FOW (PIP); Russian artillery and German half tracks

Fed up with constantly begin hit by Kampfgruppe Donnell's artillery the Russian have finally got some of the their own.

Nothing new in the painting techniques but I did get to test out the Vallejo smoke wash. I think it is like the GW devlan mud wash but without the 50% mark-up. I like it.  Also for the bases the rocks were made from Kitty litter dyed with chocolate brown clothes dye. It did not go as planned and the rocks were painted grey instead.

 Command section with first and second platoons

 First platoon

 Second platoon

 Staff team, command section and observer team

Not to be out done the Germans are starting to get their 250/1 company ready.  The mortar section and first platoon are nearly ready just need decals and anti varnish. Still to do the rest of the heavy weapons platoon and the two remaining combat platoons.

 German mortar section

 Half track platoon

Family shot

Tuesday, December 21, 2010

WiP (40K); Dark Eldar

Now for something evil,


 Warriors and Wytches on Lava bases

 Counts as a venom?

Saturday, December 11, 2010

FOW Mission critical; Valsoft 1944

Eastern front mid 1944 The Russian operation Bagration is going into effect the town of Valsoft and its road junction have been identified as a key strategic target. An exploitation force has been dispatched to try an turn the flank of the defence while a shock assault force is on route to capture the town.  The area in defended by elements of the 14th regiment of the 78th division they lack mobility but are well equipped.

The terrain;
as per map.  The main features are the town of Valsoft and the river on its right.  The river is impassable except at certain points (see special rules).  The town is defended by minefields and barded wire.

Terrain viewed from the north
Russian view of Valsoft
The defender deploys force. Before setting up the defending force must be divided into three groups, the town garrison, the river defenders and the reserve  platoons must be split evenly between the groups.. After determining the river crossing, in the special rules the defender must then deploy the town garrison any where with unit coherence of a town building and the river force deploys within coherence of a river section. The reserve stay in reserve until the Russian assault force arrive after which roll for reserves as normal. The reserves arrive on the western road.   The Russian exploitation force arrives on turn one at the eastern road. The assault force arrives from reserve as a single force and starts rolling for reserves on turn six. The assault force arrives on the eastern road.

 German Garrison preparing for an assault.
While the river defenders provide flanking cover
Russian exploitation force arrives
German force;
  • 3rd Sturmkompanie 1st battalion, 14th regiment
  • Company HQ with two attached Panzershreik sections
  • 1st platoon three grenadier sections with command smg/panzerfaust
  • 2nd platoon three grenadier sections with command smg/panzerfaust
  • 3rd platoon three grenadier sections with command smg/panzerfaustC
  • 4th platoon command with smg/panzerfaust, HMG section, mortar section with observer
  • 5th platoon 2 anti-guns, command with smg/panzerfaust
  • Heavy mortar platoon with two sections
  • Artillery battery with three guns
  • Heavy tank company, I tiger
  • Veteran antitank platoon, two guns on RSOs
  • Stug platoon, 3 stugs

Exploitation forces starts taking casualties approaching the river.
Unsurprisingly the armoured car platoon did not do well against the tiger.

Russian force
The Russian force in broken into two main groups a exploitation force and a shock assault force
Exploitation force;  3rd company 4th cavalry regiment
  • Company HQ with attached anti-aircraft platoon
  • 1st platoon with four rifle squads
  • 2nd platoon with four rifle squads
  • Light armoured car platoon with seven BA-64
  • Tank company with five Shermans

Taking heavy casualties the exploitation force crosses the first river

And begin to knock out German observer teams.
Assault force; 1st battalion 12th Guards rifle regiment
  • Battalion HQ with attached anti-tank platoon, sapper platoon and anti-tank rifle platoon
  • 1st Udarny strelkovy company with Komissar and HMG
  • 2nd Udarny strelkovy company with Komissar and HMG
  • Udarny mortar company with two platoons
  • Udarny heavy mortar company with two platoons
  • Udarny SMG company
  • Guards heavy assault gun company with five ISU-122

Even at long range the Tiger has no problems destroying Sherman tanks.

Special rules;
River crossings;
Before deploying any models the defender secretly rolls D6 for each 6” section of river if  six is rolled for that section then the river is crossable and counts as very difficult terrain. If a Russian models with coherence distance of a section of river they must take a skill check in the shooting phase instead of shooting. If they pass the Defender must reveal if the river section if fordable. Bridges can be crossed as normal.

The Russian assault force arrives and begins to put pressure on the defenders
 The assault force makes it to the village but not without losing all the shermans in the process.

Victory conditions;
The game last for 20 turns.  The Russian win if they capture an objective within 20 turns or the German defenders break and other results is German win.

Friday, November 19, 2010

PIP (FOW); Back to Bases

The basing problems at the Dominion of Steel event brought me back to my current FOW project namely creating a Herman Goering (HG) panziergrenadiers company.  I have a love/hate relationship with the Germans in FOW particular around painting/modelling. It started with the SS panziergrenadiers apparently their camo pattern is Pea-dot and it is considered one of the hardest camo scheme to paint. I didn’t fancy that in 15mm so I went for one of their alternative which turned out to be really hard to do in 15mm. Laborious and time consuming are not words I like to use about the hobby but that’s what painting the SS guys was. When it was over it was a “thank &*^% for that moment”.  

The HG guys are going the same way this time it’s about the bases. FOW and to a lesser extent WHFB offer a great opportunity to go to town on the models bases to create little narratives /storys /displays. I forked out and got some of Kerr and Kings urban bases to create an image of the HG battle worn company fighting in the ruins of town somewhere in ww2. The models are great the bases are cool the problem is getting the little guys on to the bases. If I use a snips I damage the model but it is quick if I use saw the model is safe but it takes ages to cut off the base.  Plus filling in the gaps with green stuff doesn’t seem like it will last on a games table.  Here is what I have so far.
Company HQ with AT section.

 1st platoon

 2nd platoon

Tuesday, November 16, 2010

40k (WIP); extra armour

Extra Armour

With the Dark Eldar Codex out with their numerous fliers the Old Breed are getting some much needed Anti Air support in the form of a third Hydra.  And since someone asked how I made the extra armour for one of the Breed's manticore I thought I might as well put some extra armour on the hydra and do a tutorial on how it was done.

0.5 mm thick plastic card (real thin, almost like paper)
1 mm thick patterned plastic (I used 4mm tile card)
I beam plastic strips (optional)
Sharp Knife
Steel Ruler
Pencil/ graph paper
Imperial eagle bits from the IG vehicle sprue.

Before doing anything I did a bit of research on different types of extra armour, browsed the internet looking at historical and gaming sites where vehicles had extra armour looking for a interesting pattern for the armour. In the end I went for WW2 schutzen based on the FOW German panzers. I used the pattern because I had already done something similar with some of my FOW tanks and because it did not have a right or left side so when I do inevitable mix up the left and right sides it won't matter too much.

Using the ruler I measured the side of the hydra. The measurement where transferred to the graph paper. The pattern was then drawn on the paper. Once satisfied, the pattern was cut out of the paper to form a template. For a reality check the template was placed on the hydra side to ensure the fit looked good.

The template was then transferred on to the thin 0.5mm plastic card and drawn twice. The two new templates were then cut out.
The paper template was then transferred to the back of the textured card and drawn twice. The new templates were then cut out.
To make the armour a bit more interesting a section in the centre of the textured cards was cut out to fit in the imperial eagle.
Plastic templates

The textured template was glue on to the thin card template and the imperial eagle was glued into the gap in the textured template. The edges of the templates was trimmed to make them a better fit.

All the parts gluded together
To attach the armour to the rivets from the hydra's side skirt were shaved off and the thin card side was glued to the levelled side skirts. Alternatively the side skirts could have been removed all together and I beam strips could have been used as spacers.

finished extra armour

Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Sitrep (40K); Dominion day three

Dominion day III

round one Vs Jan Karnowski (aka roadkill)
mission; annihilation
deployment; Spearhead

Jan's army army consisted of
HQ1 : 1 Big Mek (35) kustom force field (50) - [85 pts]
HQ2 : 1 Weirdboy (55) Warphead upgrade (30) - [85 pts]
Troop 1 : 30 Boyz (30x6) 3 big shoota (3x5) Nob (10) power klaw (25) bosspole (5) - [235 pts]
Troop 2 : 30 Boyz (30x6) 2 big shoota (2x5) Nob (10) power klaw (25) bosspole (5) - [230 pts]
Troop 3 : 30 Boyz (30x6) 3 rokkit launcha (3x10) Nob (10) power klaw (25) bosspole (5) - [250 pts]
Troop 4 : 30 Boyz (30x6) 3 rokkit launcha (3x10) Nob (10) Power klaw (25) bosspole (5) - [250 pts]
Troop 5 : 10 Gretchin (10x3) Runtherd (10) - [40 pts]
Troop 6 : 1 Deff Dread (75) 2 Skorcha (2x5) grot riggers (5) armour plates (10) - [100 pts]
FA : 2 Warbuggies (2x30) 2 twin-linked rokkit launcha (2x5) – [70 pts]
HS1: 3 Killa Kans (3x35) 3 grotzooka (3x10) - [135 pts]
HS2: 3 Killa Kans (3x35) 3 grotzooka (3x10) - [135 pts]
HS3: 3 Killa Kans (3x35) 3 grotzooka (3x10) - [135 pts]

This was a grudge match with Jan looking for pay back for the beating he got at Gaelcon. We decided to play annihilation regardless of the actual mission for the round since this seemed to be to only proper way for Orks to settle their disagreement, Fortunately the first mission rolled was annihilation so we could get down to the scrap with minimum fuss. Scott was trying out his Orks for the first time and was on the table beside us commented he was looking for tips on how to use the Orks properly. Considering my plan and Jan's plan involved rushing forward and pummeling each other, I'm not sure what kind of tips he picked up :)
Jan deployed behind his Kan wall while the real boyz deployed behind their buggy wall.  The game started well with the real boyz stealing the initiative and rolling forward. In response the fake boyz shuffled about and generally acted like grots while the Kans advanced creating gap in the lines. The battle wagons rolled in and destroyed a couple of kans but this time the wall held. A forlorn hope sally killed the big mek and Weirdboy at the cost of a warboss and a unit of orks. The fake orks surviving kans scuffled about while their boyz stumbled forward. The deff rollas hit the kan wall again this destroying all the walkerz bar one. Unfortunately this meant they moved less than 6" Jan declared a Waaagh and 150+ attack later all the wagons were toasted.  This left three big mobs of fake Orks bunched up ie a burnas boyz wet dream. Eleven template weapons fired and toasted 60+ boyz much to Jan's disgust and my amusement. The survivors attacked the burna boyz and meganobs and wiped them out.  The game end in a draw with both sides on eight kill points. I would have liked another turn to bag the last killa kan but we were out of time.

round Two Vs Scott(aka copycat)
mission; seize ground
deployment; Dawn of War

Scott's army consisted of
HQ1: Warboss(60), Eavy Armour(5), Big Choppa(5), Attack squiq(15), Bosspole(5), Cybork Body(10)-[100]
HQ2: Big Mech(35), Cybork Body(10), Kustom Force Field(50)-[95]
Elite1: Nobz in Dedicated Transport 1- [310]
Nob A - Painboy(50), Cybork Body(5)
Nob B - Nob(20), Cybork body(5),PowerKlaw(25),Bosspole(5)
Nob C - Nob(20), Cybork Body(5), PowerKlaw(25)
Nob D - Nob(20), Cybork Body(5), PowerKlaw(25), Waaagh Banner(15)
Nob E - Nob(20), Cybork Body(5), Bosspole(5)
Nob F - Nob(20),Cybork Body(5)
Nob G - Nob(20) , Cybork Body(5),Kombi Shoota,scorcha(5)
Elite 2: 8x Burnas-[120]
Troop 1: Nobz in Dedicated Transport 2- [310]
Nob A - Painboy(50), Cybork Body(5)
Nob B - Nob(20), Cybork body(5),PowerKlaw(25),Bosspole(5)
Nob C - Nob(20), Cybork Body(5), PowerKlaw(25)
Nob D - Nob(20), Cybork Body(5), PowerKlaw(25), Waaagh Banner(15)
Nob E - Nob(20), Cybork Body(5), Bosspole(5)
Nob F - Nob(20),Cybork Body(5)
Nob G - Nob(20) , Cybork Body(5),Kombi Shoota,scorcha(5)
Troop 2 : 20x Ard Boyz(200)- Nob(10), Bosspole(5), PowerKlaw(25)-[240]
Heavy 1 : Battlewagon(90), Armour Plates(10), Deff Rolla(20), Grabbin Klaw(5), Grot Rigger(5), Red Paint Job(5), Stikkbomb Chukka(5), 1x Big Shoota(5)- [145]
Heavy 2 : Battlewagon(90), Armour Plates(10), Deff Rolla(20), Grot Riggers(5), 1x Big Shoota(5)- [130]
Dedicated Transport 1 : Battlewagon(90), Armour Plates(10), Deff Rolla(20), Grabbin Klaw(5), Grot Rigger(5), Red Paint Job(5), Stikkbomb Chukka(5), 2x Big Shoota(10)- [150]
Dedicated Transport 2 : Battlewagon(90), Armour Plates(10), Deff Rolla(20), Grabbin Klaw(5), Grot Rigger(5), Red Paint Job(5), Stikkbomb Chukka(5), 2x Big Shoota(10)- [150]

Scott's army was dictated by what he could paint in time and what was the exact opposite of his Tau army. Scott won the roll and opted to roll on turn one with all his wagons grouped around the big mek. In response the real boyz rolled on in two groups the first was the wagons grouped around the Big Mek. The second was the buggies of to one flank. Night fighting and Bs2 meant nothing much happened in the first turn.  Scott continued to roll forward.  The buggies swooped in trying to get side shots on his wagons with no effect. The response was typical Ork with the fake ork wagons deff rolling the buggies destroying eight of the nine vehicles. However, the buggies sacrifice was not in vain since the fake Orks were in deff rolls range of the real Orks. One battle wagon was destroyed by a deff rolla attack while the warboss and a nob bagged another two in close combat. With Scott boyz losing most of their mobility things were looking grim. His nobz destroyed a wagon before between tank shock and deff rollas they were destroyed.  His remaining wagon decided to go down fighting and destroyed another wagon before his entire force  was wiped out.

round one Vs Shane (aka emperors champion)
mission; capture and control
deployment; pitched battle

Shane's army consisted,
Emperor's Champion - 140, Accept Any Challenge
Sword Brethren Terminator Squad - 215, 5x Terminators, Furious Charge, 2x TH/SS, 3x LC,
Sword Brethren Terminator Squad - 215, 5x Terminators, Furious Charge, 2x TH/SS, 3x LC
Dreadnought - 173, Venerable, Tank Hunter, ML, TL Lascannon, Smoke, EA
Crusader Squad - 105,5x Initiates,Meltagun, Powerfist, w/ Rhino, EA, Smoke, Searchlight - 59
Crusader Squad - 105, 5x Initiates, Meltagun, Powerfist,w/ Rhino EA, Smoke, Searchlight - 59
Crusader Squad - 91, 5x Initiates, Flamer, Frag Grenades, LRC - 294, Blessed Hull, Smoke, Searchlight
LRC - 294, Blessed Hull, Smoke, Searchlight

Shane was looking for pay back for Conclave. The last time we fought he used tactics and points denial to suffer a 15-5 loss. This time he was up for a scrap. The terminators/landraiders deployed on his objective opposite the battlewagons, while the dreadnought deployed the opposite flank trying to get a side shot. Turn one saw the battle wagons and landraiders move towards each other while the buggies duelled with the dreadnought.  The buggies immobilised the dread at a loss of two buggies they then spent the rest of the game trying to shoot it in back and failed miserably. The wagons hit the landraiders destroying one before a wagon was destroyed by Thunderhammers.  The burna boyz went in and took out a squad of terminators before the second squad destroyed them.  The mega nobs broke though the line and destroyed a newly arrived squad of initiates.  The boyz swarmed the surviving terminators to bring them down with sheer weight of attacks.  The game ended in forty minutes with the boyz holding both objectives.

The day ended with the real Orks tied on battle points Jan's fake Orks at 45 battle points for third/fourth place. It came down to Vp's ie who had done the most damage on the day. Happily the real orks were more desturctive and picked up a bonus prize for most destructive army as well as a spot prize for quickest victory.

Overall the day was a good 'un but driving up and down on the same day was a pain in the ass next time I'm going to over night either the day before or after and hopifully get a christmas shop in as well.

(what, no pics? In a stroke of genius I forgot to bring the camera with me. Its shame one of the best images of the day was were real Orks fought the fake orks on round one. There was a line in the centre of the table were the two armies met with wrecked walkerz, wagons and 150+ boyz beating the tar out of each while the rest of the table was untouched)

Monday, November 1, 2010

Sitrep; Gaelcon 2010

Game one: Vs Dave O’Leary (Aka Farseer Dave) Blood Angels
Spearhead Deployment. 5 objectives to be captured. One objective is placed in the centre of each table quarter and one in the centre.

Dave's army consisted of
1 terminator (thunderhammer/storm sheild)
3 squads of bikes
3 10 squads of assualt marines or vets

Dave's blood angels, now in white, 
Three dice in a line what stage of the game was this at?

Dave got the first turn and used combat squads his marines to maximise the number of scoring units while terminators opted to go in reserve. The blood angels advance behind a screen of two bike squads while the third bike squad tried to out flank. The Orks responded by running over the bike screen before deploying a mob of orks to finish them off. A couple of rocket buggies tagged some bikes before the mob finished them and redeployed to screen the rest of the orks from a marine counter attack. The terminator reinforcements joined the out flank bike squad while mesphison and two squads when after some buggies that were trying to outflank to get a marine scoring unit. The rest of the blood angels charged into the screening Orc mob which predictably was wiped out. With all the marine units in play it was Waaagh time.  The burna boyz, an Ork mob and two battle wagons went after the out flankers, destroying them easily. Ghaz and the mega nobs took out the marine units that had destroyed the first mob. While the buggies made "phew phew" noises at Mesphsion battle group whittling down the numbers. By turn three/four it was pretty much over with the Orcs holding several objectives with all the marines bar Mesphison dead. Mesphison clawed some pride back killing Ghaz and destroying a battle wagon.

Centre objective just after the bike squads had gone to meet Sanguinius.

Game two: Vs Micheal Tangley's (aka eldritchstormer or nuts, its Mike) Eldar
Dawn of war deployment.. Annihilation (actually it was a modified annilation mission with two kill points need for a win)
Mike's army consisted of,
Panzies, lots of them
Seer council
2 Fire prisms
2 Fire dragon squads
1 Falcon
1 wave seprent
1 bike squad
2 gaurdian squads
1 harle squad

Space Wolf thunder wolves.

Mike deployed two guardian squads in buildings while the orks all opted to roll on at turn one (except the grots which were told to stay in reserve for as long as possible then find a corner and hide in it). The Orks rumbled on trying to keep as much of their front Av14 armour between them and the Eldar. The Eldar unsportingly started using tactics to try to snipe the buggies and worked around to the sides of the wagons. A turn two assault bagged a guardian squad while the rest of the orks worked on herding the Eldar into a table corner. Eldar reinforcements arrived and were funnelled into one flank. The rest of the game was mostly manoeuvring with both sides trying to set up good match the Orc lost a couple of squads while the Eldar did the same. The highlight was probably one of the buggy squadron being reducing to a single weapon less immobilised buggy which took fire for several turns and did not die. While Ghaz battlewagon pulled off a long bomb deff rolling a fire prism to deff and destroying a guardian squad in the following assault to bag the win.

Game three: Vs Osisin Mac Cormick Daemon
Pitched Battle deployment, Seize Ground (3 objectives)
Peter Scott's landraider starts taking damage, lots of damage

Osisin;s Army consisted of,
Great unclean one
2 Soul grinders
Blood crushers
2 squads of Seekers
3 squads of plague bearers

Orks and Daemons don't get on, the Daemons can do what the Orks can do but are better at it while the best defence against daemons is shooting not exactly an ork strength. The plan was to kill all the scoring units while trying to keep one of the Ork ones alive.  Alas it was not to be. The assaults went in and killed all bar one of the plague bearers while in response the orks were pretty eaten alive. Towards the end there were only five buggies left against a sh*t load of daemons the buggies went after the last plague bearer for a losing draw three of them crashed while the other two missed before being eaten by blood crusher. With the army wiped out the orks had their first set back.
The last sight for many of the boyz :(

Game four: Vs the Usurper (aka Richard flood :) )
Pitched Battle deployment, Capture and Control

Floody's army consisted of
Fate weaver
2 Daemon princes
1 Bloodthirster (I hate that guy)
Blood crushers
2 squads of Seekers
3 squads of plague bearers

Daemon again

Great, daemons again. This time the Orks won the initiative and let them go first. The game started grim the Orks arrived okay but two battle wagons was lost to long bomb shots. With half the mobility of the army gone it was time for some slick manoeuvring, everything charged forward hoping to shoot or punch something in combat. The result did not go well against the blood crushers or daemons. However, the turn counter was ticking down. A sneaky Waaagh put a single mek boy is contest range of the daemon objective while the mega nobs stomped on to the Ork objective. With the Mek boy in need of a new pair pants the game end. Sometimes it is better to be luck then good :)

Guard with necron heads, not bad at all.

Game Five: Vs Jan's Ork
Dawn of War deployment, Seize Ground (5 objectives)
Jan's army consisted of
Orcs, lots of them
Killa kans, lots of them
DEff dread
Big mek
2 buggies

From a distance Jan's orks looked like grots :)
Jan opted to deploy two mobs in buildings with the rest of the mobs rolling on. In reply the real Orks rolled on in battlewagons.  The battlewagons moved forwards screened by buggies while the fake orks skulked in buildings and generally acted like grots. On turn three there was the first real clash with the battlewagons running over the killa kans while the real orks dismounted and started to beat-up the fake orks. Because there were a lot of them this took a while by the end of the game most of the fake orcs were dead or fleeing

Game six: Vs Merv's space wolves
Spearhead deployment, Annihilation
Merv's list consisted of,
3 long fang packs
2 rune priests
2 thunder wolf dudes
3 grey hunter packs
1 squadron of speeeders
1 pack of scouts.

Merv deployed his long fangs in his cover with the rune priests and a thunder wolf dude everything else went into reserve.  In respond the Orks packed their deploy zone with battle wagons and buggies.  Turn one saw the buggies and battle wagons advance into a torrent of fire destroying several buggies. The speeders and scouts showed up only to be deff rolla'd or assaulted.  The battle wagons took damage and could not get into assault range of the long fangs.  The game ended in a stalemate with Merv popping a battle wagon at the end just to annoy the Orks.

Overall the Orks came ninth with four wins, one draw and one loss. The event itself was great but I'm not keen on the annihilation modification it adds more pain than gain to the event and defeats the purposes of the annihilation mission. It should be a win loss result changing the margin need for a win means a draw is more likely which is not what is wanted for a final round of an event. Plus players tend to forget slight in-game event changes like victory conditions or unique deployments when they do forget and win/lose as a result in can be a bone of contention.