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Monday, January 28, 2019

Revolting Rebels in Stars War Rebellion

After numerous scheduling conflicts I finally managed to get a game with one of the guys from work. Erwin plays board games and not so much wargames but we both have an interest in Star Wars.  we settled of Star War rebellion from fantasy flight games.  We are six rounds in to the game and so far it has been awesome  The game plays out the original star wars trilogy. The protagonists are the rebel scum and the virtuous imperials ( no prize for guessing my fraction.  The setting is the entire galaxy, Coruscant, Hoth etc are perfectly acceptable targets for a Death Star. Both fractions have characters that play out missions in each round loosely based on the events in the movies that not necessarily in the movie order. Rebel scum do dubious tactics trying to hamstring the empire’s efforts to bring peace and prosperity to the galaxy while the empire tries valiantly to bring stability to the region and find the rebel base for a permanent peace with the Death Star.

The initial set-up
The Empire has more ground and space assets for the Rebels have hope
(I know which I would prefer)

So far the game is going well the empire now have fully functional Death Star and managed to capture Chewbacca on his last sabotage mission with the downside that rebel base so far has avoid detection and the rebels keep launch sabotage attacks on the imperial shipyards.

The Death Star deploys troops to quell a an revolt with Darth Vader leading the charge 
Another round and a another revolt.
Most of the rebels fled  before the Death Star arrived but they did not have enough transport capacity of all the rebels

It is till early days but the game is campaign/game is going well.

That is all for now thanks for stopping by

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