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Monday, May 27, 2013

PiP (FOW); Washed out wasps

Burn 'em all
The FOW British gets some reinforcement ins the form of the dreaded wasp carrier patrol.  Flame throwers tend to get a lot of respect (and incoming fire) in FOW.  Painting wise the models were used to compare the secret weapons miniatures (SWM) soft body black wash compared to the Vallejo Black Shade wash.  The SWM wash was cheaper, by 5 cent per ml, and is easier to work with out of the bottle. The Vallejo wash needed to be thinned with water to stop a heavy wash.  The end effect was similar for both washes.

pre-painiting wash Vallejo Vs Secret Weapon. Spot the difference?

Post painting wash.
 Three washes out wasp, Vallejo black shade on the left, Secret weapon in the centre, Vallejo smoke on the right

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