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Thursday, May 2, 2013

PiP (FOW) Volksgrenadiers combat platoons

Winter may finally have ended, but the winterized Volksgrenadiers carry on

The three combat platoons from the Volksgrenadiers from FOW NUTS book are ready for action. The Kompanie still needs a name but the heavy lifting is done.

Wood bark was used for rocks

Woodland scenics tree spurce were cut up to make 15mm tress

The tufts come from Mini natur winter tufts

The Snow comes from woodland scenics (it is not the best but will do)


Coxer said...

looks really good, love seeing how people paint these guys

Frank O Donnell said...

They look great mate will I get to us them next week ?, agree with you on tree bark I've used it to make some free standing stones for a certain table.

Dakeryus said...

thanks for the feedback guys,

The Volksgrenadiers will in deed be taking part in the battle of Francville agniast Bicycle armed americans. It started out as an historical scenario but has gotten a bit out of hand :)

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