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Monday, July 27, 2015

Sitrep (longstreet): Blood on the Klondike road

Union on the march again

Confederacy fights back

The spring of 1862 sees the Confederacy on the offensive, trying to recover from the defeat at Miller crossing the previous year.  The Brigade collided with the Union moving down the Klondike road. This time the Rebels changed tactics and opted for a double envelopment of the Union brigade. The 4th Virginia and 8th Texas cavalry opted to form a left hook and moved through the woods. The 4th and 5th Texas formed the right hook and through cornfeilds to get into position. The 1st Texas and 1st North Carolina battery formed the center.

Confederate cavalry moving through the woods 
While the infantry moves through the cornfeilds
The Union countered by sending the 88th New York(NY) into the woods to stall the cavalry. While the 2nd Wisconsin, 63rd NY and 7th Cavalry moved into the cornfields. The Artillery and the 69th NY formed the centre.

Union force advance towards the cornfeilds
The Rebel cavalry quickly gained the upper hand in the woods and an epic charge forced the 88th NY to retreat. The 69th NY did some fancy maneuvering to block of the  cavalry attempt to out flank the Union line.  In the centre, an artillery duel started that last for the entire battle and saw the 1st NY and 4th US artillery batteries destroyed.

Confederate artillery goes into action

In the Cornfields the 4th and 5th Texas was reinforced with the 1st Texas and the three regiment advanced on the Union line.  The US 7th Cavalry dismounted and charged (!) the 4th Texas. The veterans from Texas proved a tough nut to crack and the cavalry was repulsed.  The Texans then traded fire with the Union destroying the 7th Cavalry in the trade. The Union line, weakened by fire, was then charged by the 1st and 4th Texas supported by cavalry from the 8th Texas. Under heavy pressure the line collapsed and the 2nd Wisconsin was forced out of the cornfields. With the Artillery and cavalry gone and the confederates holding the main terrain features the Union brigade broke and withdrew from the battlefield.

Confederate cavalry force back the Union infantry.
The Union line adjust to block the cavalry's out flanking move
The Cavalry dismounts to trade fire with the Union line
On the other flank the union starts to put pressure on the thin grey line
Confederate artillery overcomes the Union batteris
Last stand of the 7th cavalry as Confederate units repulse the Union advance

Post Game
Neither commander received a promotion for the action. Attrition took it toll on both forces with the US’s 88th NY and the CS’s 8th Texas losing half their force to Cholera outbreaks.

The Union artillery is replaced with the 2nd New York artillery (2 Light rifles), 3rd New York Artillery (2 Heavy rifles) and more guns from the 4th United states artillery (2 Napoleons). The Union cavalry suffer from reduced morale from (steady to reluctant). The Union Brigade is reinforced with 8 companies of eager recruits from the 29th Massachusetts

The Confederate artillery is joined by the 1st Texas battery (1 Heavy rifle). The 1st and 4th Texas regiments received replacements to bring them back up to strength. The Brigade was joined by the 1st Louisiana regiment. Lastly, the Confederates broke the Union code which will give them an advantage in the next battle.

Midway through 1862 the forces like this..
Union Forces

Commander: Colonel Thaddeus Koch
Skills: European Service, Drillmaster
Epic Points: 6


69th New York Regiment
(7 companies, Eager Recruits, Hero)
88th New York Regiment
(4 companies,Reluctant  Veterans, Old Reliables )
63rd  New York Regiment
(6 companies, Steady Veterans)
2nd Wisconsin Regiment
(7 companies, Steady Recruits)
29th Massachusetts
(8 companies, Eager Recruits)

7th United States Cavalry
(3 troops, Reluctant Veterans)


2nd New York Artillery Battery
(2 Napoleons)
3rd United States Artillery Battery
(2 Light rifles )
4th United States Artillery Battery
(2 Heavy rifles )
Confederate Forces

Commander: Brigadier General Nathaniel Cullen
Skills: Friend in the Statehouse, Preacher, Artillery officer
Epic Points: 8


1st Texas Regiment
(5 companies, Steady Veterans)
4th Texas Regiment
(8 companies, Eager Veterans)
5th Texas Regiment
(7 companies, Eager Recruits)
1s Louisiana Regiment
(8 companies, Eager Recruits)

8th Texas Cavalry
(3 troops, Steady Recruits)
5th  Virginia Cavalry
(7 troops, Eager Recruits)

1st North Carolina Battery
(1 Howitzer, 2 6-pdrs)
1st Texas Battery
(1 Heavy rifle)
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